Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Skincare essentials

Hey guys, so as of lately my skin has been awful! Normally I have absolutely perfect skin (my skin isn’t combination/oily either) so this threw me off, the stress of moving house, getting a kitten, working full time and family issues have gotten to my skin so bad.

Ultrabland – This is probably my favourite lush product of all time, it's quite expensive in comparison to some of the other lush facemasks but it lasts forever, I’ve had mine over a year and a half and it's not gone oily or anything! It is quite oily when you apply it to your skin and feels a bit like one of their massage bars. It took me a while to get used to the product because it feels slightly uncomfortable at first. I personally apply a layer to the skin of mine that needs help or sometimes a whole face mask, a very thin layer ( anymore than that and you’ll be overdoing it) leave it for 10-15 minutes and then rinse with a hot flannel and some water. It has gotten rid of so many spots for me in the past and is my go to product even just because it softens my facial skin so much! I will always recommend this to anyone with any type of skin because it just works so well.

Clean and Clear Black Head Daily Scrub- I have used this product for as long as I can remember especially for spots because it works so well, I rarely get black heads but when I do two days of this scrub and my skin goes back to absolutely perfect. This is such a cheap product for the quality; I normally buy it for £1.50-3 depending where/ if anywhere has offers on it. It just leaves my skin so clear.

So these are my two go to products but I would love to know yours! Let me know what works wonders for your skin.


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