Thursday, July 14, 2016

Oh, so I got a kitten and it's my blogs birthday!?

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Hey guys! So this is a sort of "life update post" because well a lot of amazing things have happened to me in the past few weeks and I want to share them with you.

So if anyone follows me on twitter then they would know that this week I got a kitten! Since I live in a student house this is 1000% not allowed so for now he is also a secret kitten. I got him from my boyfriends cousin whose cat got pregnant unexpectedly and they unfortunately couldn't keep all of the kittens. This is how I got little Oscar and isn't he a cutie. He's a little bit of a pain and has nibbled, and has even bitten me a few times, used me as scratching post but I love him and I know he'll get better behaved and used to us with time.

Second up, it's my blog's year anniversary in August! When I say anniversary, it a year since the date I made my blog rather than the date I started blogging. So from now till then I will be having a ton of miniature giveaways.  I have decided on smaller giveaways that will last 3-6 days rather than bigger giveaways so there is more winners? More chances to share the blog love haha! Some of the prizes include a coconut lane gift card, YSL lipsticks ( yes more than one), a bullet journal + stationary. Plus loads of other cool things so keep checking my pinned tweets if you're interested in entering. ( My blog-versary is the 20th of August if anyone is wondering!)

This month I've also moved into my new house, and I'm so happy. I hated my last uni house and I'm so happy to be rid of it  and the negativity it had on my life. I'll be uploading a room tour at a later date but I'm still unpacking and there is still furniture I'm waiting on. I've brought so many great pieces of Homeware too I really can't wait to show everyone.

As for the next few weeks well, I'm seeing some of my family members, my auntie recently sold her house and has decided to take me on shopping trip, which we'll be fun because I don't see her very often. I'll also be visiting my boyfriends family again at some point in Norfolk and doing some fun things. I've also started my dissertation, well I've got my research going and I'll be starting to write any day soon.

So I'm a very busy bee right now! Just a small update but hope everyone liked it and I'd love to know when everyone else blog anniversary is.


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