Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Mini Paper Chase Haul

Hey guys,

So on my travels to London, I had to stop off at PaperChase, simply because there isn't one in Northampton or in my home town in Essex and I adore stationary I literally want to buy the whole shop. I couldn't buy a lot because I already had three shopping bags, my suitcase and bag but these little bits I really wanted! I was very sad that they didn't have any washi tape though.

The first things I got were these little postcards, these are for my Bullet Journal to use as page fillers. The cat one pretty much sums me up and my little kitten too, so I just had to have it. Plus who doesn't love a cat!? Then I got the support bra postcard because really it's just so cute, motivational and it made me giggle when in the shop! Love a good bra illustration haha.

The next thing I got for my bullet journal was these super cute exercise/ health stickers. Not for any other reason then I have literally have not mentioned health even once in my journal. I'm pretty good with keeping my liquids up as I drink like a fish but I think the weight loss/weight gain stickers are just great to keep an eye on what weight you are, and they have some exercise stickers, which I'm probably not going to use but hey-ho there maybe hope for my future gym life haha. They also have a ton of five a day stickers, I normally have a morning smoothie with my five ( closer to ten) a day in but when I'm travelling I don't tend to do this so again just to keep an eye on my eating habits. You only get one body so best to look after it! ( forgot to take a photo omg they can be found * here *

I then got this little miniature pun notebook. It's a bit tiny to write in but I absolutely adore puns, and I'd screw you is just too funny. Plus for a pound it was a necessitysince I have the cheese pun notebook as well. All of Paperchase's notebooks are such good quality so I definitely recommend them.

Hope you like this small haul. I do have another paper chase haul coming soon ( a bigger one) but it has some of my blog anniversary giveaway prizes in it and I don't want to spoil anything yet. Let me know if you have any recent stationary hauls.


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