Sunday, July 24, 2016

Michael Kors Sexy Sunset Review

Hey guys, so recently I got this beautiful new fragrance Michael Kors Sexy Sunset and I am in love with it for the most part I am biggest fan of Chanel Chance as my everyday perfume. Except for my watches I actually don't own any purses/bags etc from Michael Kors so this was such a great thing to get as I probably would have never searched for it in a shop myself ( I don't normally leave the Chanel section when it comes to fragrances haha!)  It was a gift from my boyfriends mum.

The bottle itself is very plan and just a long bottle with a metallic top. Its simple but quite elegant, the perfume is a beautiful pinkish red and looks like sunset in a bottle quite literally, its actually a little cute bottle. I love the fact that the name is engraved into the bottle the same way that they are under the face of the watches its great they match ( good branding!)

The fragrance itself has a very sweet fruity smell but with something a little extra ( the closest I could compare it too would be the boots body mist spray in strawberry! But this is so much nicer and stronger). The smell doesn't immediately linger when sprayed and sits nicely on your skin. I found that the duration of the perfume wasn't as great as my others but it is significantly cheaper than Chanel. Two squirts lasted between 3-5 hours with four squirts lasting 7+ hours! So it needs a little bit more if you're planning to wear it for a long period of time. But would be perfect to wear on holiday or an everyday perfume. I'm so chuffed with it and can't wait to wear it more.

I'd love to know what people use as there everyday fragrances and what your favourite perfume/ body mist is!?


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