Thursday, July 21, 2016

Meet my kitten Oscar

Hey lovelies, so for those of you who don't know I got a kitten! His name is Oscar and if you're wondering, yes he is named after the main fish from Sharks Tale as I love the film more than anything. My boyfriend wanted to name him mono but since I paid for him the naming was left to me!

He's only nine weeks and four days old, but he has grown rapidly since I brought him home and has almost doubled in size. He only wants too eat wet food all the time, doesn't like any treats and won't touch Dreamies at all! Which surprised me so much since all my previous cats have gone crazy over dreamies. He eats way more food than what he should and when I've called the vet about it, she has said he's a fatty! ( he's actually really slim which is so funny) 

He's very playful and nibbles me almost everyday. He also like pouncing all over me why I sleep, which makes me incredibly sleep deprived and I wake up almost six times every night because of his playfulness. Oscar's favourite way to cuddle is to climb on to my chest, put his head in my neck and nudge my face until I stroke him for hours (literally hours). He also purrs soooo loudly!! I've personally known/had cats who are no where near as loud as him.

He has almost two whole boxes of toys but likes to play with the paper from the back of envelopes and likes to eat receipts. I'm not kidding at all either, he also loves anything that has a bell on it and makes noise. Yesterday he learnt how to climb curtains and how to jump onto window ledges which is a little annoying for me but I"m so glad he's growing and learning so quick!

He's a pure black cat, except for two white patches on his chest and his white stomach. I will probably write another post about him in the near future because he's just my world.

I'd love to know if you have cats or kittens! Thanks for reading. 


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