Sunday, July 03, 2016

July Goals

Hey guys, so July is a great month for me I've started the month by moving out of my second year uni house from hell (it had been getting me down for a long time), and I will be moving into my new house this month. It's summer so no uni and so much time for blogging!

1) Reach 300 Bloglovin followers 

This might be a really low amount for some people but I really want to have more Bloglovin followers as my end of the year goal was to get 1,000 ( which I think is so ridiculously unlikely). But here's to hoping. If anyone fancies helping my bloglovin is *here*

2) Post more travel posts

In July I am doing a ridiculous amount of moving about between  Essex/Northampton/ Norwich/ Norfolk and Corfu. I am really gonna try to get some photo diary posts up and some food review/ place reviews because why not!? I also got a new camera so better take advantage of it.

3) Reach 2,000 twitter followers

A lot of my growth comes from my twitter, the more followers I've been getting the more people have been reading my blog and it has really made me soo happy! To keep reaching my goals 2,000 would put me in good stead to get 5,000 by christmas! Plus I've really come to LOVE the blogging community more and more with each day.

4) Host some more blogger chats

June saw me host my first blogger chat and I loved it, it was so great to talk to people and get to know what they though about products (we talked about beauty products) in this particular chat and I just enjoyed it soo much. It's really hard for me to plan when I can host chats because of work but I have the next week and half off so heres to hoping!

5) Engage more with my followers

I follow a lot of lovely bloggers on twitter/bloglovin/ instagram and very rarely interact with them and I feel like my twitter account be a bit impersonal? I don't really talk about the things I'm doing/thoughts etc and I don't engage enough with others so thats the aim to improve this month especially as I have time off

6) Get better at flat-lays

I"m moving into my new house tomorrow, and there are three different marble surfaced furniture in the new house ( I know I'm so lucky to have found that in a student house). So I want to try more flat lays and back drops. I'm sure this will be super fun and I'll get better at it over time.

I'd love to know what your goals are for the month of July! I'm getting my kitten next week so July is bound to be amazing for me haha.


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