Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Bullet Journal Essentials!

Hey lovelies,  so recently I started Bullet Journalling. Why!? Because, it's a way to be even more organised than I already am and I just love making bullets /making lists / genuinely being organised. Plus do you really ever need an excuse to buy a new journal? Moving on, I thought I would make a little series about Bullet Journaling, I'm going to start with the essential things you'll need.

1) Get a Journal

There are many options for journals, I personally choose to get a Moleskin because as an artist they are about as good as it gets! But a more popular option for the Bullet journal is the Leuchttrum 1917 journals! But each to their own. I personally went for a squared notebook but I know a lot of people go for the dotted type! I think it's important to pick one that you want, and in a colour/page type you like the most.

2) Get some Washi Tape

I've found washi tape is the best way to break up pages, use a decorative boarder etc. It's just great for filling in empty spaces and breaking up pages. I personally got mine from amazon/ Tiger. The black lace one I got from Amazon for £1.50 and the multicoloured was brought from Tiger in Norwich for just 50p so really it is really inexpensive. I personally wanted some from Paperchase but they were sold out when I went in store.

3) Postcards!

Again like the washi tape, they are perfect for page fillers. Plus, who doesn't love a good motivation postcard? I genuinely feel like this is an essential even though it probably isn't. There is easily about 15 postcards in my journal already and I've only just started out.

4) Get yourself some coloured pens

Coloured pens are everything! I know some people choose to keep their journal colour free but I just love filling in my habit tracker in colour. It's great for just giving your journal that extra something to make it pop. Pus I just find it very fun.

5) Stickerssssss

I adore stickers and I think they can look absolutely great on your weekly pages, well any pages etc. I find they make a page more personal and I just love them, these stickers are from TwentySomethingMeltdown, and I also have some lovely stickers from Jemma/Dorkface and I would recommend both of these lovely girls!

Just a few things, but I hope everyone likes the post! Do you bullet journal/ have any posts on it? Let me know I'd love to read them.


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