Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Bee Drinks

Hey lovelies, so recently I got in touch with Just Bee, and they very kindly sent me some lovely samples of their drinks. The company comes from a tradition of bee keepers, and all the honey in the drinks is natural sources - which is just fab! Also all the honey from England/ Europe which I love.

A massive part of the companies aim is to help bees, they even give you a small packet of seeds with your drinks and an example of a nifty way to make a little make shift flower pot out of the drink so you can use the seeds asap! If you want to get a hold of some seeds to plant they even send out a little freebie * here

Now on to the drinks! First thing I noticed when I got them was how beautifully put together the packaging and the design was! I love the little bees on the drink and the colours, just everything really. I also love he fact they are honey and water based.

My favourite of the two flavours was the Lemon & Green Tea. This is because of the taste. The subtle Honey taste with the lemon taste is so delicious. Better than any green tea flavouring I've ever had and I drink about 20 cups of it a day! I also love the fact that they sent me two of this flavour. I'm saving the second one in the fridge for when it gets super hot because of the the refreshing taste!

Now, I like Blueberries but I wouldn't say I was a massive fan of them. So when I saw the second flavour was blueberry I tried really hard to be open minded about it. After leaving in it the fridge for  a few days, I finally decided to try it and I'm so glad I did. With this one, the honey taste was a lot more overpowering than the blueberry which just sorta gave it a nice bitter sweet taste! I actually really enjoyed the drink. 

I throughly enjoyed the drinks and I will be using the seeds in the next few days as I think they would lovely in my new garden! If you fancy trying something new then I would definitely recommend Just Bee Drinks!


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