Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A little Lush review : Needles and Pines Shower Jelly

Hey lovelies, so today I had an option of what posts to upload and then I thought to myself, I haven't done a lush post in so long!? Lush is hands down one of my favourites ( if not my favourite) brand and there is very few products of theirs that I don't like! So I though I'd write a little review of one my new favourites Needles and Pines Shower Jelly.

Now, what's a shower jelly? Well it's quite literally a slice of jelly that comes in a pot that you can lather up on whatever you use in the shower to wash your body! I know many people do it differently and they can even be blended to make a thick shower gel. It's actually very cleaver I personally blend them up.

Now Lush makes them in a variety of scents, I believe there are 4 in the store and more that come and go on the lush kitchen. The reason I was drawn to this particular one this time round, was because of the beautiful pine scent, and it had a hint of mint. It smells so refreshing and is the perfect product to use in the shower in the morning to wake up and to make you feel cooler ( especially in this god awful heat).

I'd love to know if you've used any of the Lush Shower Jelly's and what your favourites are! My personal favourite is the Refresher Jelly ( the yellow one).


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