Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Willy Fox Vintage Disney Box

Hey everyone, so recently I saw that the lovely SeeTheStars has got a super cute looking Disney box from Wily Fox Vintage and was giving it away on her blog for her lovely followers. The chance of winning for me wasn’t really great with so many entires so I decided to buy one myself.


Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Bullet Journal Essentials!

Hey lovelies,  so recently I started Bullet Journalling. Why!? Because, it's a way to be even more organised than I already am and I just love making bullets /making lists / genuinely being organised. Plus do you really ever need an excuse to buy a new journal? Moving on, I thought I would make a little series about Bullet Journaling, I'm going to start with the essential things you'll need.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Michael Kors Sexy Sunset Review

Hey guys, so recently I got this beautiful new fragrance Michael Kors Sexy Sunset and I am in love with it for the most part I am biggest fan of Chanel Chance as my everyday perfume. Except for my watches I actually don't own any purses/bags etc from Michael Kors so this was such a great thing to get as I probably would have never searched for it in a shop myself ( I don't normally leave the Chanel section when it comes to fragrances haha!)  It was a gift from my boyfriends mum.

The bottle itself is very plan and just a long bottle with a metallic top. Its simple but quite elegant, the perfume is a beautiful pinkish red and looks like sunset in a bottle quite literally, its actually a little cute bottle. I love the fact that the name is engraved into the bottle the same way that they are under the face of the watches its great they match ( good branding!)

The fragrance itself has a very sweet fruity smell but with something a little extra ( the closest I could compare it too would be the boots body mist spray in strawberry! But this is so much nicer and stronger). The smell doesn't immediately linger when sprayed and sits nicely on your skin. I found that the duration of the perfume wasn't as great as my others but it is significantly cheaper than Chanel. Two squirts lasted between 3-5 hours with four squirts lasting 7+ hours! So it needs a little bit more if you're planning to wear it for a long period of time. But would be perfect to wear on holiday or an everyday perfume. I'm so chuffed with it and can't wait to wear it more.

I'd love to know what people use as there everyday fragrances and what your favourite perfume/ body mist is!?


Thursday, July 21, 2016

Meet my kitten Oscar

Hey lovelies, so for those of you who don't know I got a kitten! His name is Oscar and if you're wondering, yes he is named after the main fish from Sharks Tale as I love the film more than anything. My boyfriend wanted to name him mono but since I paid for him the naming was left to me!

He's only nine weeks and four days old, but he has grown rapidly since I brought him home and has almost doubled in size. He only wants too eat wet food all the time, doesn't like any treats and won't touch Dreamies at all! Which surprised me so much since all my previous cats have gone crazy over dreamies. He eats way more food than what he should and when I've called the vet about it, she has said he's a fatty! ( he's actually really slim which is so funny) 

He's very playful and nibbles me almost everyday. He also like pouncing all over me why I sleep, which makes me incredibly sleep deprived and I wake up almost six times every night because of his playfulness. Oscar's favourite way to cuddle is to climb on to my chest, put his head in my neck and nudge my face until I stroke him for hours (literally hours). He also purrs soooo loudly!! I've personally known/had cats who are no where near as loud as him.

He has almost two whole boxes of toys but likes to play with the paper from the back of envelopes and likes to eat receipts. I'm not kidding at all either, he also loves anything that has a bell on it and makes noise. Yesterday he learnt how to climb curtains and how to jump onto window ledges which is a little annoying for me but I"m so glad he's growing and learning so quick!

He's a pure black cat, except for two white patches on his chest and his white stomach. I will probably write another post about him in the near future because he's just my world.

I'd love to know if you have cats or kittens! Thanks for reading. 


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Bee Drinks

Hey lovelies, so recently I got in touch with Just Bee, and they very kindly sent me some lovely samples of their drinks. The company comes from a tradition of bee keepers, and all the honey in the drinks is natural sources - which is just fab! Also all the honey from England/ Europe which I love.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A little Lush review : Needles and Pines Shower Jelly

Hey lovelies, so today I had an option of what posts to upload and then I thought to myself, I haven't done a lush post in so long!? Lush is hands down one of my favourites ( if not my favourite) brand and there is very few products of theirs that I don't like! So I though I'd write a little review of one my new favourites Needles and Pines Shower Jelly.

Now, what's a shower jelly? Well it's quite literally a slice of jelly that comes in a pot that you can lather up on whatever you use in the shower to wash your body! I know many people do it differently and they can even be blended to make a thick shower gel. It's actually very cleaver I personally blend them up.

Now Lush makes them in a variety of scents, I believe there are 4 in the store and more that come and go on the lush kitchen. The reason I was drawn to this particular one this time round, was because of the beautiful pine scent, and it had a hint of mint. It smells so refreshing and is the perfect product to use in the shower in the morning to wake up and to make you feel cooler ( especially in this god awful heat).

I'd love to know if you've used any of the Lush Shower Jelly's and what your favourites are! My personal favourite is the Refresher Jelly ( the yellow one).


Sunday, July 17, 2016

Primark Haul July

 Hey guys, so recently I have been adoring Primark and everything they have, normally I’m a little bit of snob when it comes to Primark simply because I’ve had some awful products from them and it’s only recently that I’ve had a change of heart.


Thursday, July 14, 2016

Oh, so I got a kitten and it's my blogs birthday!?

( Image source * here * )

Hey guys! So this is a sort of "life update post" because well a lot of amazing things have happened to me in the past few weeks and I want to share them with you.

So if anyone follows me on twitter then they would know that this week I got a kitten! Since I live in a student house this is 1000% not allowed so for now he is also a secret kitten. I got him from my boyfriends cousin whose cat got pregnant unexpectedly and they unfortunately couldn't keep all of the kittens. This is how I got little Oscar and isn't he a cutie. He's a little bit of a pain and has nibbled, and has even bitten me a few times, used me as scratching post but I love him and I know he'll get better behaved and used to us with time.

Second up, it's my blog's year anniversary in August! When I say anniversary, it a year since the date I made my blog rather than the date I started blogging. So from now till then I will be having a ton of miniature giveaways.  I have decided on smaller giveaways that will last 3-6 days rather than bigger giveaways so there is more winners? More chances to share the blog love haha! Some of the prizes include a coconut lane gift card, YSL lipsticks ( yes more than one), a bullet journal + stationary. Plus loads of other cool things so keep checking my pinned tweets if you're interested in entering. ( My blog-versary is the 20th of August if anyone is wondering!)

This month I've also moved into my new house, and I'm so happy. I hated my last uni house and I'm so happy to be rid of it  and the negativity it had on my life. I'll be uploading a room tour at a later date but I'm still unpacking and there is still furniture I'm waiting on. I've brought so many great pieces of Homeware too I really can't wait to show everyone.

As for the next few weeks well, I'm seeing some of my family members, my auntie recently sold her house and has decided to take me on shopping trip, which we'll be fun because I don't see her very often. I'll also be visiting my boyfriends family again at some point in Norfolk and doing some fun things. I've also started my dissertation, well I've got my research going and I'll be starting to write any day soon.

So I'm a very busy bee right now! Just a small update but hope everyone liked it and I'd love to know when everyone else blog anniversary is.


Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Mini Paper Chase Haul

Hey guys,

So on my travels to London, I had to stop off at PaperChase, simply because there isn't one in Northampton or in my home town in Essex and I adore stationary I literally want to buy the whole shop. I couldn't buy a lot because I already had three shopping bags, my suitcase and bag but these little bits I really wanted! I was very sad that they didn't have any washi tape though.


Friday, July 08, 2016

Topshop The Damned Review

Hey guys so a couple of weeks back I reviewed "bookworm" by Topshop and I'm not going to lie I was so impressed with it as a lipstick. Then I remembered I actually brought three more of their lipsticks!

The thing that drew me to this shade was the name, I love everything halloween related and gothy and I feel like "The damned" sounds like a vampire related movie etc haha! I have a couple of purple shades in my collection but most of them are a lot darker. I was quite surprised with this colour, it is not the stereotypical pinky based purple that is noticeable a mile off. Its definitely a bright shade but deeper than most shades in this colour range and that is what I liked about it so much. Its a perfect summer/autumn shade and I think it could be so versatile. 

Now when buying a lipstick that is £3 on sale I don't expect very much, because lets be honest it doesn't have the Urban Decay/ Mac price tag and normally price equates to quality in the beauty word. Normally they retail for £8 which is a little pricey but still not too bad. But its so durable, when testing this out I actually feel asleep with it on (yes I tried it just before bed) and I woke up with it still perfectly on my lips and no smudges on my pillow! Which was great, but unlike Bookworm it didn't last as well with drinks/ food,  but with a lip liner underneath and a little top up after meals it sits just perfectly.

I would 100% recommend this to anyone wanting a new lipstick or looking for new brands to add in to their collection, before I brought this Topshop makeup was not something that I would even have considered if I'm completely honest. I'd love to know if anyone has any experience with their makeup other than there lipsticks or any lipsticks they have from topshop they love as I'm going to be buying some more in the future for sure as it's just great for an everyday lipstick! 


Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Skincare essentials

Hey guys, so as of lately my skin has been awful! Normally I have absolutely perfect skin (my skin isn’t combination/oily either) so this threw me off, the stress of moving house, getting a kitten, working full time and family issues have gotten to my skin so bad.

Ultrabland – This is probably my favourite lush product of all time, it's quite expensive in comparison to some of the other lush facemasks but it lasts forever, I’ve had mine over a year and a half and it's not gone oily or anything! It is quite oily when you apply it to your skin and feels a bit like one of their massage bars. It took me a while to get used to the product because it feels slightly uncomfortable at first. I personally apply a layer to the skin of mine that needs help or sometimes a whole face mask, a very thin layer ( anymore than that and you’ll be overdoing it) leave it for 10-15 minutes and then rinse with a hot flannel and some water. It has gotten rid of so many spots for me in the past and is my go to product even just because it softens my facial skin so much! I will always recommend this to anyone with any type of skin because it just works so well.

Clean and Clear Black Head Daily Scrub- I have used this product for as long as I can remember especially for spots because it works so well, I rarely get black heads but when I do two days of this scrub and my skin goes back to absolutely perfect. This is such a cheap product for the quality; I normally buy it for £1.50-3 depending where/ if anywhere has offers on it. It just leaves my skin so clear.

So these are my two go to products but I would love to know yours! Let me know what works wonders for your skin.


Sunday, July 03, 2016

July Goals

Hey guys, so July is a great month for me I've started the month by moving out of my second year uni house from hell (it had been getting me down for a long time), and I will be moving into my new house this month. It's summer so no uni and so much time for blogging!


Saturday, July 02, 2016

The Benefit Pencil Sharpener

Hey guys, 

So this is probably going to be a short and sweet post. When I was at the Benefit Brow Launch at Milton Keynes I had some time to kill before the event, and spent a little while having a little browse around the store this caught my eye because I recently purchased the mac sharpener and against the views that most people have I actually didn't find it to be amazing. 

When I saw this little beauty, Ashley at the store walked me through it and told me that it can be used for three pencil sizes and that one of the holes is adjustable for different sizes. Most of my lip liners are from mac and fit in the smaller hole! It's literally the best at sharpening, doesn't over sharpen the pencil which is great ( I find a lot of sharpeners do). I also love that it has a little blade cleaning tool, its a small piece of pink plastic but it is really good! I 100% recommend this to anyone who struggles finding a good sharpener and the best thing about it is, it was only £4.

If you've ever used this or the mac sharpener please let me know what you think of the two I'd love to hear your views on them both!