Saturday, June 25, 2016

Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Ex Girlfriend Lipstick

Hey guys,

So last week when I was in town I strayed into Debenhams as is just outside the town centre I don't tend to visit it. After walking around the Urban Decay counter for 10 minutes and deciding which of the 100 vice lipsticks I would love to buy. I was told by the lady that worked there that she was marking down the prices on the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani collection. She then brought me a handful of shades and I was instantly drawn to Ex-Girlfriend. Its a very different shade to anything tat I have in my collection. Ex-Girlfriend is a peachy pink sheer glossy shade, it has a small amount on glitter.

The first thing that made me want his product was the packaging. It is stunning, the perfect mixture of gold and white on the box and the lipstick itself is black and gold. It's very glamorous and very Gwen Stefani! I'm personally not a fan of the shape of the lipstick covers from Urban Decay I feel like they are bit old school? But, anyway moving on from the packaging, the product itself. You 100% need a liner under this just like with most sheer shades, or wear a peachier shade underneath. I know that the collection did have a liner for this shade but I just used my MUA liner underneath which worked perfectly!

I'm not sure if I love this shade or if I'll use it very often but I do think that is a lovely colour maybe just not for me, as it's a little too light and a little too sheer. I'm not disappointed by the product whatsoever but I do think that it could have been a little bit more pigmented so that it shows up better without a liner. I'd love to hear if anyone else had this shade, and what they've done to make it work best for them. Plus if anyone has the palettes for this collection let me know too!


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