Monday, June 06, 2016

Six things I learnt in my second year of university

Hey guys, so I've finished my second year of uni! With a combination score across all my modules I also finished the year with a first/A. Which made me so happy since I had such an awful year and I'm really unhappy with the work and writing I produced. But I am really satisfied with where I am now as a person, I've grown a lot stronger back bone ( not that I needed to haha) I also take Fine Art which means that my uni experience is alot different to those who do academic courses, as I have to be at uni 9-5 everyday, produce massive studio module, as well as written modules/ professional modules etc to.

1) Friends aren't forever

If you're like me, friends you've made at uni have a special space in your heart. But believe me between uni, alcohol, drugs and boyfriends, they don't always stick around and really you shouldn't expect them too, because hey we all come from different places and our ideas/ beliefs extra are too. You also shouldn't feel bad about cutting these sorts of friends out either, because sometimes you need to be number one.

2) Life sucks without money 

When you're at uni, you have a shit ton of bills/ rent to pay and you want to do things. It sucks money clocking all the time is the worst, especially if you're loan doesn't cover anything and you have to work a ridiculous amount on top of this as well.

3) There isn't enough hours in a day

In between essays/ research / studio practice / work / boyfriend / the rare occasion of going out I have no time to myself ever. Even when uni is finished and I'm just working I still have no time to do things, blogging is a late night hobby and going out with friends rarely happens. I literally always feel tired and never ever ever get a good nights sleep ever. 

4) Be careful who you live with

Just because someone is your friend does not make them a good choice to live with whatsoever! I did this and I regret it so much, you need to know what someone is like otherwise you end up in a house hating people who used to be your friends. Also no one likes to clean someone else dishes for a whole year ( don't be that asshole who doesn't clean your things)

5) Summer Rent will financially cripple you

Where you stay or leave for the summer, summer rent is ridiculously expensive even if you go home, at almost £600 for two months where I live its a massive joke. I'm staying so it is closer to £900 for the two months, which if you don't have a job would probably leave you in your overdraft. I'm lucky enough to have a job where I do a full time 

6) You need to take you time

The last and most important thing is that you need to take time for yourself when you can. Even if it is just a lush bath or a ten minute tea break in between studying! There has to be a balance between everything you do and everyone needs some me time every now or then ( or some retail therapy haha).

Just a small post but things I've been thinking about over the last few weeks now it's officially summer for me! Let me know the things you've learnt at uni I'd love to know. 


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