Friday, June 10, 2016

Simple Beauty

 So in the past few weeks I’ve had a lot more time on my hands with uni being finished except for the odd dissertation meeting. With this time I’ve spent a lot of it heading to town and shopping, and when I noticed that they had 50% off simple beauty I had to buy some! I’ve previously used the brand when I was a little bit younger so I know they’re of great quality.

As I’ve stated in older post, I really don’t suffer with any skin problems at all most of the time I have perfect skin ( I am very lucky) I rarely get spots/breakouts and I don’t have dry/oily/ combination skin. But something I do get is really really dark under eyes and this is simply because I don’t sleep enough and I’ve been looking for a product to help that, rather than using a concealer/foundation to cover it. The revitalising eye roll-on worked wonders for me! It took away all the puffiness and all the redness. I've been using it everyday, twice a day and I wouldn't stop using it anytime soon.

I also go the replenishing rich moisturiser.  Which only has three ingredients!? It feels amazing and so kind on my skin. I would suggest this to anyone who has dry skin and it has literally made mine so so soft and it feels fuller. Also the half price off meant that both of these products only cost me £3.80 ish. 


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