Tuesday, June 07, 2016

NYX beauty haul

Hey guys, so after days and days of waiting for the NYX counter to come to my closest boots, I got a tweet from one of my favourite friends to tell me that it had finally arrived! I sprinted to town to check it out before they sold out (I was super sad they didn't have any lip lingerie at all! But I had already ordered some online)

I normally tend to buy a lot of lip products because on a day to day basis I wear those more, so I wanted to try other products. The first thing that I noticed at the counter was that NYX have a lot of Primers, although I didn't buy one I have started my research to buy one in the future.  Which is what made me notice this concealer, and in particular the NYX concealer wand.  After swatching the lightest two shades on my hand, it was very clear that either would work for me as I'm pale as a ghost so I went with the CW02- Fair, after future testing I should have gone for the lighter shade porcelain. But the coverage is great.

The second item I went for was one of the single eye shadows in Gold Lust. It's beautifully pigmented and just really very beautiful and for £3.50 I thought it was an absolute bargain.

Now moving onto lip products, I had already put in a boots order online when I went to the counter so I was trying to be careful as I'd already spent £50 online the day before. The first item I got was the Butter Gloss in the shade Angel food cake. I tried to avoid getting reds/purples as I own many lipsticks in those colours and I thought this plush pink would be such a great everyday shade. ( Its very similar to Lime Crime Polly). I then got the slide on lip pencil in the shade Bedrose, just because I wanted to try the lip liners.

I wouldn't particular buy the lip gloss again, it came off within minutes and looked very tacky. But the liner is very good, I used it under a Lime Crime and a Mac lipstick and it worked perfectly! It's such a pretty shade too.

I'd love to know what NYX products you guys own and how good you think they are! ( Also if anyone knows of any primer reviews please let me know!)


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