Thursday, June 30, 2016

5 ways to stay blog organised

1) Schedule your tweets

Scheduling your tweets takes minutes and it is a great way to get ahead of the game. It takes me less than twenty minutes to plan three days worth of blog post tweets which gains my blog a lot more views/comments and is really such a valuable tool to use. I personal use Hootsuite as it's great to use on mac and on app!

2) Take your photos in bulk

This saves me so much time! Planning ahead four or three photoshoots means that I can edit the photos in bulk too, which saves so much time in the long run and means that my content can be ready weeks before I post it. It also means if there is any issues with the lighting or composition and they have to be re-taken theres plenty of time to do so. I actually managed to take photos

3) Make a spreadsheet

Now this might sound a bit too organised for some people, as you can see I plan on this sheet what days I will be posting, what post I'll be posting on said day and I update when I take photos. This really helps me because I can visualise what days I need to get things done by and what days they need to be done by. I have seen people do this in many different ways on spreadsheets and I know there are many other alternatives but this just works for me!

4) Try to spend 1-2 hours writing everyday

Now this might sound really obvious but everyday I schedule in 1-2 hours just to write posts because, I tend to find the more ahead I am with my writing the more posts I want to write!? Plus the more I write the better my grammar/spelling just general typing tends to get, and once you've done this for a few days it really does become a routine. I know 1-2 hours regularly can be a lot for those with a full time job but even 30 minutes - 1 hour would be so helpful!

5) Buy in Bulk

Now I know this might defeat the object of trying new products etc in the long run but I always buy my months content together normally so that this gives me some time to try the products before they go up because I can't post a product review unless I try it for at-least a week I often change my mind on things. This combined with my spreadsheet tends to give me a lot of time to try things out and lets me know what order to try things.

These are just a couple of my tips, I'm going to be making a post just about how I use an organisation planner and spreadsheet which will be up in the next few weeks. If you have any ways you keep organised let me know I'd love to hear!


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