Sunday, June 26, 2016

101 in 1001 Days Challenge

Hey guys, so I recently found this challenge from Perks of Being Ami and since reading it I can't think of anything else I would rather do for the next three years as it a great way to check and reach goals! Plus it's always great to work towards something.

Start Date : Tuesday 22nd June 2016
End Date: Monday 18th March 2019

Blog Goals

1) Reach 2,000 Bloglovin followers
2) Receive 5,000 comments
3) Reach 1,000 Google Plus followers
4) Get my photography to a standard I'm happy with
5) Reach 5,000 Twitter followers
6) Go to my first blogging event  ( 22nd July)
7) Start Vlogging
8) Reach 3,000 Youtube Followers
9) Reach 150 posts
10) Reach 300 posts
11) Work with a handful of PR brands

Travel Goals

12) Go to Paris again
13) Go up the Eiffel Tower
14) Visit Disneyland Paris
15) Go to Amsterdam
16) Go on my first holiday alone with my boyfriend
17) Go to Van Gogh Museum
18) Go on a family holiday ( Going to Dominican Republic in 2018)
19) Visit Budapest
20) Go to the cat cafe in Budapest
21) Go to Scotland for a weekend
22) Visit Edinburgh Zoo

Life goals

23) Buy a new camera (28th June 2016 - Nikon 1J5)
24) Buy a Two Faced Pallete
25) Graduate from Uni
26) Get a better job after Uni
27) Save the Deposit for my first house
28) Save £5,000 in my bank
29) Buy my first Vivienne Westwood Watch
30) Get my watch collection to 13
31) Visit Gods Own Junkyard
32) Go to Winter Wonderland
33) Get a kitten ( July 8th)
34) Get a puppy
35) Get engaged to my boyfriend!? (Hoping)
36) Buy 10 mac lipsticks ( Tenth brought on July 29th 2016)
37) Buy my first ever Soap and Glory products
38) Have tea at Harrads
39) Take my grandparents to a musical
40) Get my place secured for Masters
41) Go to the Jeremy Kyle Set
42) Buy a Kylie Lip Kit ( August 2016)
43) Fill my lipstick holder (July 29th 2016)
44) Buy my first ever item for Forever 21
45) Make my print business out there
46) Reach 10,000 Instagram followers
47) Get a new phone
48) Go to Lemon Witch (August 20th 2016)
49) Read the Cursed Child (August 10th 2016)
50) See the Cursed Child Play
51) See the Aladdin Musical
52) Go to Brighton for the day
53) Buy my first Bloody Mary Metal Ring
54) Go to Berry and grey ( July 14th 2016)
55) Fill my charm bracelet
56) Finish my bullet journal
57) Stop biting my nails  (August  2016)
58) Buy a Chanel bag
59) Buy a Grafea Backpack
60) Go to a Lush Spa
61) Go to Bath Spa for the day
62) Meet more bloggers
63) Try Body Shop products
64) Carve my first pumpkin
65) Have a halloween party
66) Have a kiss on New Years day
67) Try veganism for a month
68) Watch Finding Dory ( July 6th 2016)
69) See the Five Nights at Freddys film in London
70) Make amends with some family members
71) Get my name changed to Kayleigh Zara
72) Go to a wedding
73) Buy a light box
74) Buy many new converse
75) Buy a great Frog London Ring
76) Volunteer ( anything that helps people)
77) Feed ducks at my childhood duck pond ( July 4th 2016)
78) Buy and use a cookbook
79) Go to the gym regularly
80) Feel body confident
81) Try to be more compassionate towards others
82) Try to drink less fizzy and more water
83) Watch all of Gotham
84) Buy a marble table
85) Buy an Urban Decay Palette
86) Get a mac makeover
87) Make a colour pop order
88) Visit new seaside towns
89) Go visit an aquarium
90) Decorate my own house
91) Hope/ work towards smaller boobs
92) Try to use more cruelty free makeup
93) Vote in every election
94) Buy another Serpent's Club Necklace
95) Go to the Bloggers Festival
96) Make more friends
97) Sell one of my paintings at uni
98) Watch all of sex in the city ( August 2nd 2016)
99) Revisit the Harry Potter Studio Tours
100) Take outfit of the day photographs
101) Go to a champagne bar

Most of these are buying/visiting places as because I'm a little bit boring haha, and most of my ambitions will take many many more years. Let me know if you've done this post or you might do this post, it's so great learning about other peoples dreams.


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