Saturday, June 04, 2016

10 Posts I loved in May

( Photo from Popcorn and Glitter - 5 lessons I learn before turning 25) 

Hey guys, so really May was when I pretty much 'discovered' the community of bloggers, and since then I've been reading a lot more blogs etc. There were soo many posts I liked but I got it down to 10 to share with you (because these really are fab posts!)

1)  Popcorn and Glitter - Lifestyle review: 5 lessons I learn before turning 25

I adored this post for so many reasons,  I personally love reflecting back every birthday and so many of Sophie's points have been really true for me this year, and I couldn't agree more with her points 'Life isn't black and white' and 'don't be a dick'. I also think this is such a creative thing to do every birthday/ as a birthday post.

This was the first post that I saw on the new father's day range that Lush brought out. I loved seeing so many photos from Jess and all the examples off the products and even displays on how the bath bombs work. Its such an original way to show the event and all the products and even an explanation of the gift boxes was great. A perfect idea for anyone looking to buy a gift for fathers day.

3) Dorkfaceblog - Nine ways to support your favourite bloggers

As someone very new and inexperienced in the blogging world I loved this post. I think its such a great way to openly support others and all of Jemma's tips are just perfect because they really do help, especially point number one and as she says "interaction is key to us as bloggers". I've also never seen another post like this before, and it's just such a good read.

4) MielandMint - April Favourites 

I personally loved this post because of the great organisation of it as its broken down into favourite instagram, place, movie, quote etc! I thought this was such an amazing idea as it is very easy to just write about beauty products or movies. Also her blog layout is just the bomb and you definitely need to check it out. 

This post technically came out on the first of June, but it is a winner, I have been lusting over these two velvetines since Lime Crime said they would be released. I loved everything about this post, her perfect photography, the way that she showed the product on her and her best friends and the swatches on two skin tones. If you're a Lime Crime lover like myself then this is a post for you.

6) Northern Blood - Ten products under £10

I loved this post because buying makeup/ beauty products can be expensive and not all of them are worth the price tbh. Products mention include Barry M nail paint, Nyx soft matte lip cream, sleek brow kit etc. I love her honest review of the products and many of them will be thinks I will buy because of this post.

7) Heythererobyn - How to promote your blog posts 

I adore robyn's blog and I just love this post, how it is broke down into categories, like twitter, scheduled tweets, Instagram, Facebook and Facebook groups. Its so helpful and insightful and just a great post. Also all the photography on this post is first class.

8) Creepers and Cupcakes - Spring Beauty Essentials 

This post is just amazing,  all of the products that where featured are ones that I have never used. Which is why I found this such a great post, so insightful, and I actually ordered two after reading it. I would also like to add that Kristina's blog is stunning and everything is just such high quality.

One thing I love about Teri's blog ( which I only recently discovered) is her thoughts on veganism/ cruelty free and being ethical etc. I love her skincare routine and this inspired me to buy my first ever Soap and Glory products. I find her blog so inspiration and I will definitely be trying to make more ethical chooses from now on!

10) Thecurvaceousvegan - Stop Judging me 

This is such a personal post from Amie and I adore it. I've always been a believer in " be careful what you say/ how you judge others because you don't know what is going on in their life" and I think that her posts sums that up but so much better. She's already come so far with her personal journey and that is so inspiring. 

I hope you like all these posts I've been absolutely loving them!

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