Thursday, June 30, 2016

5 ways to stay blog organised

1) Schedule your tweets

Scheduling your tweets takes minutes and it is a great way to get ahead of the game. It takes me less than twenty minutes to plan three days worth of blog post tweets which gains my blog a lot more views/comments and is really such a valuable tool to use. I personal use Hootsuite as it's great to use on mac and on app!

2) Take your photos in bulk

This saves me so much time! Planning ahead four or three photoshoots means that I can edit the photos in bulk too, which saves so much time in the long run and means that my content can be ready weeks before I post it. It also means if there is any issues with the lighting or composition and they have to be re-taken theres plenty of time to do so. I actually managed to take photos

3) Make a spreadsheet

Now this might sound a bit too organised for some people, as you can see I plan on this sheet what days I will be posting, what post I'll be posting on said day and I update when I take photos. This really helps me because I can visualise what days I need to get things done by and what days they need to be done by. I have seen people do this in many different ways on spreadsheets and I know there are many other alternatives but this just works for me!

4) Try to spend 1-2 hours writing everyday

Now this might sound really obvious but everyday I schedule in 1-2 hours just to write posts because, I tend to find the more ahead I am with my writing the more posts I want to write!? Plus the more I write the better my grammar/spelling just general typing tends to get, and once you've done this for a few days it really does become a routine. I know 1-2 hours regularly can be a lot for those with a full time job but even 30 minutes - 1 hour would be so helpful!

5) Buy in Bulk

Now I know this might defeat the object of trying new products etc in the long run but I always buy my months content together normally so that this gives me some time to try the products before they go up because I can't post a product review unless I try it for at-least a week I often change my mind on things. This combined with my spreadsheet tends to give me a lot of time to try things out and lets me know what order to try things.

These are just a couple of my tips, I'm going to be making a post just about how I use an organisation planner and spreadsheet which will be up in the next few weeks. If you have any ways you keep organised let me know I'd love to hear!


Sunday, June 26, 2016

101 in 1001 Days Challenge

Hey guys, so I recently found this challenge from Perks of Being Ami and since reading it I can't think of anything else I would rather do for the next three years as it a great way to check and reach goals! Plus it's always great to work towards something.

Start Date : Tuesday 22nd June 2016
End Date: Monday 18th March 2019

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Ex Girlfriend Lipstick

Hey guys,

So last week when I was in town I strayed into Debenhams as is just outside the town centre I don't tend to visit it. After walking around the Urban Decay counter for 10 minutes and deciding which of the 100 vice lipsticks I would love to buy. I was told by the lady that worked there that she was marking down the prices on the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani collection. She then brought me a handful of shades and I was instantly drawn to Ex-Girlfriend. Its a very different shade to anything tat I have in my collection. Ex-Girlfriend is a peachy pink sheer glossy shade, it has a small amount on glitter.


Benefit Brow Launch Milton Keynes

Hey guys, so yesterday I was super lucky enough to go to my first event and it was at a Benefit Counter for their new launch!? I was invited by the lovely Ashley from the Milton Keynes store, and if you're reading this Benefit your staff at this store are the nicest benefit staff I have ever met, so kind and helpful. 

Monday, June 20, 2016

Topshop Lipstick Review

Hey guys!

So if anyone follows me on twitter, then you'd know that I went absolutely mad in Topshop this week, particularly in their sale. ( Who doesn't love a good bargain!?)

The shade that I brought in the shade "Bookworm" it's a beautiful creamy red/pink/peachy colour. For a lipstick that doesn't cost very much, the quality was superb. I wore this yesterday to give it the old time test, without a lip liner it didn't last amazingly but lipsticks don't really tend too. With my MAC Brick Liner this lasted hours. I was so pleased with the colour and it felt so good and soft on my lips it didn't dry up at all. I also found that the lipstick itself was very buttery and felt very moisturising so it didn't need any balm or lip scrub underneath but maybe some lip primer would work as an alternative to a lip liner in this case. 

I'd not ever used a toyshop lipstick before now although I had actually tried one of the lip bullets but I wasn't overly impressed. If you can get to a Topshop in the next week why the sale is on then I definitely go because for £3 the shade, the quality and the feel of this is just great and you definitely should try them. They had a ton of other colours on sale too from nudes to purples, I brought a couple more the day after I got this because they are just amazing.


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Rosy Cheeks Lush Facemark Review

Hey guys. So I think I might do this as a little series since I now have a handful of the Lush Facemark reviews as I love them. Also who doesn't love a good lush review!?

When looking for my next facemask after Love Lettuce I didn't want one where the smell made me feel very sick.  So when I was going around smelling them all in store I went for this one because it had such a subtle scent of rose petals. It has the smoothest texture of all the facemask and it applies so well and really moistures the skin, when I tested this out I also had a spot and it worked wonders for me! I don't have oily/ combination skin so if you're trying it to help with that then I can't really lend a hand.  The application says 10-15 minutes, but it really only needs about 8 minutes, by this point it had dried on my face and made my skin feel so soft and you really only need the smallest amount.

Out of all the face mask I've tried this probably one of my favourites, because it is so similar to don't look at me with the texture, the scent isn't over bearing and it does exactly what it advertises. It's mixture is a lot thicker than any of the other masks I've used from Lush too.

So let me know what you think of this face mask if you've used it or what your favourite lush mask is!


Friday, June 10, 2016

Simple Beauty

 So in the past few weeks I’ve had a lot more time on my hands with uni being finished except for the odd dissertation meeting. With this time I’ve spent a lot of it heading to town and shopping, and when I noticed that they had 50% off simple beauty I had to buy some! I’ve previously used the brand when I was a little bit younger so I know they’re of great quality.

As I’ve stated in older post, I really don’t suffer with any skin problems at all most of the time I have perfect skin ( I am very lucky) I rarely get spots/breakouts and I don’t have dry/oily/ combination skin. But something I do get is really really dark under eyes and this is simply because I don’t sleep enough and I’ve been looking for a product to help that, rather than using a concealer/foundation to cover it. The revitalising eye roll-on worked wonders for me! It took away all the puffiness and all the redness. I've been using it everyday, twice a day and I wouldn't stop using it anytime soon.

I also go the replenishing rich moisturiser.  Which only has three ingredients!? It feels amazing and so kind on my skin. I would suggest this to anyone who has dry skin and it has literally made mine so so soft and it feels fuller. Also the half price off meant that both of these products only cost me £3.80 ish. 


Tuesday, June 07, 2016

NYX beauty haul

Hey guys, so after days and days of waiting for the NYX counter to come to my closest boots, I got a tweet from one of my favourite friends to tell me that it had finally arrived! I sprinted to town to check it out before they sold out (I was super sad they didn't have any lip lingerie at all! But I had already ordered some online)


Monday, June 06, 2016

Six things I learnt in my second year of university

Hey guys, so I've finished my second year of uni! With a combination score across all my modules I also finished the year with a first/A. Which made me so happy since I had such an awful year and I'm really unhappy with the work and writing I produced. But I am really satisfied with where I am now as a person, I've grown a lot stronger back bone ( not that I needed to haha) I also take Fine Art which means that my uni experience is alot different to those who do academic courses, as I have to be at uni 9-5 everyday, produce massive studio module, as well as written modules/ professional modules etc to.

Saturday, June 04, 2016

10 Posts I loved in May

( Photo from Popcorn and Glitter - 5 lessons I learn before turning 25) 

Hey guys, so really May was when I pretty much 'discovered' the community of bloggers, and since then I've been reading a lot more blogs etc. There were soo many posts I liked but I got it down to 10 to share with you (because these really are fab posts!)


Thursday, June 02, 2016

Dorkface stickers

Hey guys! So today in the post I got these wonderful stickers from the lovely Jemma/ (Dorkface) and they are just stunning. She is also the one who designed my blog header and she makes lots of custom illustrations as well, so if you like my header then you should definitely check her works out.

I brought the Planner sticker pack from her etsy shop and they are just top notch quality! The set included stickers that say daily tasks, monthly goals, blogging, work and chill out stickers, as well as some fun camera, popcorn, hearts, ticks and balloon stickers.  Which are perfect for journals/ bullet journals/ planners. I've personally put stickers on my laptop and on my phone case as they are just so cute not too. Plus they all come in colour variants.

They were only £6 and I got well over 50 stickers I believe (I didn't count them). She has so many super cute sticker packs including her self care sticker pack, cute girly sticker pack, and sea themed sticker pack. All of which are so beautifully hand made and are such good quality for the price. Plus what is better than supporting a fellow blogger?

This is just a small post because I just wanted to show off how much I love these stickers. Plus you should all buy some they are amazing.

Check out her store and till next time!  I hope you like them


May Favourites

Hey guys, so May is possibly the busiest month of the year for me, almost all of my family members birthdays so I don't tend to buy much or do much! But this time I did buy some things, not a lot of makeup though and no mac (unfortunately).