Monday, May 23, 2016

Revolution Iconic Smokey Eye Palette

Hey guys, so I recently got this eye shadow set for a wedding I'm going to in September, alongside of a ton of makeup I don't normally wear! Which I'll be reviewing over the next few weeks and I'll be doing some wedding makeup looks etc which will be weird because I'm sure a lot of you don't know what I look like.

But anyway, the reason I picked this out of the many palettes that Revolution do is because I love smokey eyes, and the colours in this are stunning. The shade names are  Light, Glow, Stained, Erupt, Silvery, Smoke, Shadown, Haze, Steam, Rubble, Flicker and Exhale. My personal favourites are the darker shades, Shadow, Smoke and Haze as these are so glittery and the application is amazing. The colours all stayed on amazingly well ( I tried each and every shade on my eyelids before writing this up. The last four shades aren't glittery and are matt, but a lot harder to mix than the first eight shades., and the brush that comes with the palette isn't the best quality but it has two heads which is amazing for a pretty much free brush. The glittery shades are super shimmery, like super shimmery which literally is amazing but I did get some excess glitter on my face. Which wasn't my favourite part but 
 I didn't mind it too much and I know some people would.

I personally think that Light, Glow and Haze make the perfect smokey eye and I will show some images of this in my upcoming makeup look.  For the price of this palette to it's a bargain at superdrug for £8 and I literally love it! I would recommend this for all newbies for sure because I'm awful with eyeshadow and I've got some amazing smokey eyes going on.  Also the packaging is beautiful as you can see in the first photo!

So let me know what you think and if you like/have used the palette and any other you'd like to see me review! 


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