Saturday, May 14, 2016

Primark Haul

Hey guys! So when I went home, I managed to get to Primark and they had a lot of different stock to that of what I’ve seen in the branch in my university town (Northampton). I absolutely love the things I got and I’m so happy to show them (not many of these thing are clothes sorry!) But everything in Primark now seems to be a little bit better on quality and so much more stylish?

The first thing I got were these super sassy socks! I absolutely loved the slogans on them and they are amazing. Also big win for black and white and no colours hahah, I believe these were £3 if you are interested in purchasing them, they are just fab.

Continuing the sass, I got this pizza t-shirt. Now I take a size 12 and my boobs are big so I brought this is in an 18 because I wanted it REALLY oversized and more of a t-shirt than a crop top. So it depends on how you want to style it and it is a a little baggy to start with so if you want it tight size down, if you want it baggy size up! I had to get it because pizza and this was £6. I would have taken a photo but it is in the wash so I will insert a photo at a later point because it is the bomb.

I then got this little clutch back which is marble printed for a party I'm going to later on in the year. It is stunning, so minimalist and just beautiful. I adore it and I think it would be so perfect for anyone, and it doesn't look like it's from Primark whatsoever! I'm so happy with it.

I also got some tights because they were needed! Primark is my go to place for tights they are just great. But I'm so happy with these bits and Primark have definitely upped there game with so much stuff.



  1. Absolutely love that marble clutch bag! Excellent finds chick!

    1. Thank you girl! I'm so happy with everything x

  2. I love the clutch bag - it's so cute!
    samantha xx