Friday, May 20, 2016

My favourite lipsticks

Hey guys. So since a lot of my lipstick post tend to be peoples favourites my favourite lipsticks post has been asked for a couple of times and I finally got round to doing it! I haven't included any photos of the liners that I use with some of these but I will let you know which ones they are with each shade. So lets get on.

My new and probably one of my most favourites is the Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland, it's such a beautiful metallic lipstick with the most creamiest beautiful mixture. It stays on my lips too well and the metallic burgundy is absolutely stunning I just adore it, and as my first Urban Decay lipstick I was just so so happy with it. I will always recommend these, amazing quality and stunning colours.

My next two favourites are from LimeCrime, I understand people have had bad experiences with the company but I personally have not and they are one of my favourites ( so if you're not a fan best to just scroll down). My first is the carousel lip gloss and this is now discontinued and I have all 5 but sour apple is my favourite its a beautiful glittery red the mixture is so thick and beautiful and easy to apply I adore it. The next is the Lime Crime velveteen in the shade riot. I own lots of velvetines but riot is my favourite followed by pumpkin. Its so easy to apply and its so pretty and stays on for hours and hours I also find the formula to be so much softer on my lips than some of the other shades.

Moving on to mac, since I'm a massive fan of mac. The first shade is there first lipstick I ever brought from mac which is mac red, its such a beautiful bright red and its just great for an everyday slaying lipstick, I use the liner brick under mine ( there are lots of other liners you can use) but brick is a little darker so it works really well. The second is Dark side amplified which is one of the newer shades to my collection its such a great mix of brown/redish burgundy I adore it. I also use brick under it as stays on very well.

Then on to the sleek matte me, in fired up. It is a stunning shade with a little lip balm under neath the mixture it is very easy to use ( otherwise it comes up REALLY dry and a bit crappy) at £5 these are an absolute steal!

So I hoped you liked my favourites and let me know what yours are!


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