Wednesday, May 18, 2016

My blogging goals for the rest of 2016

So it's May nearing June and I'm sitting here wondering what I've accomplished this year so far, as I has many hopes and aspirations when I entered the year most of which I haven't reached at this point ( which is a little disheartening)  but in the terms of blogging I've done some thing which I didn't think I would at this point. So these are my goals for the rest of the years!

1) Go to my first blogging event! - I've actually been invited to three in autumn/ winter time, I'm super nervous but super happy that I've been invited, and even considered because I'm not that popular and don't reach out to these places very often on social medias either!

2) Reach 1000 followers on Bloglovin, this is really really out there for my goals as I currently only have 200 followers and I don't really use Bloglovin very often at all.

3) Get my photography to the standard that I want, where I live currently until the end of June the lighting is awful because my bedroom is literally facing a massive set of flats so I get very little light during the day and only reach good day light as the sun is setting.. which can make taking photos really hard. 

4) Take outfit of the day post, probably won't do this for a long time because I'm so self conscious most people would not understand, I literally struggle to function when near a camera and I don't know if I could optionally do this to myself when I don't feel comfortable? ( I've lost a lot of weight lately/ almost 2 stone so we'll see haha!)

5) Reach my next blogger viewing goals? I set goals all the time for views/ followers/ posts, I recently reached 40,000 so I'm setting goals for 50,000, 75,000 and 100,000 and I hope to get them because it would feel amazing to get these sorts of views and have more posts on my blog.

6) Post more often, one day I would like to blog more often right now I struggle with three a week because of how busy I am with work, university etc. Having the content for these sorts of posts would also be quite expensive I think too since I blog about a lot of hauls and beauty reviews, and right now I'm so poor it hurts.

So these are some quite big goals I get and even though I'm hoping I know some and hey if you want to help me out then that would be fab! My bloglovin link is *Here if you fancy giving me a follow haha ( shameless self promotion) Let me know what your goals are too! I'd love to hear and help out if I can.


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