Monday, May 09, 2016

May Lush mini haul!

Hey guys,
It happened again I fell into the place that is the magical lush northampton store (the staff there are the most amazing and very sweet) I actually love going in just for the staff and the environment is just top notch. But me AND my boyfriend got things which was cool ( its the first time he's accepted the lush life)

The first thing I got is the don't look at me face mask. It's one of the fresh masks, has to be kept in the fridge and used within three weeks which was fine with me. I got it because it is almost deadline time at university for me and I didn't want to break out with spots. It's the most beautiful colour and just soon refreshing!

The second thing I got was the Yoga bomb, this is because I've seen a ton of photos on instagram of it and I've never used it before! It just looked so beautiful and sparkly. I really loved the look of it why it was dissolving but afterwards I was left with a really yucky coloured bath and I'm not sure about the aesthetics although it did smell really nice and had lots of sparkles.

My boyfriend then got the Mask of Magnanimity ( which is one of my favourite products) to do face masks as he occasionally gets spots/ its a stressful time at uni. Its so refreshing and very very minty I would always recommend it!

Then he got ambrosia which is a shaving cream. I have never used it but it made my boyfriends neck n beard area very soft and this is a great for me so haha ten out ten lush.

Only a small haul but let me know if you've used any of this products and what you think of them!


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