Friday, May 06, 2016

Little Lies Wishlist

Hey guys! So, lately I've been lusting over a lot of things but I've really been wishing for all the things from Little Lies, they are an amazing shop which sells all the witchy boohoo homeware/jewellery/ clothes ( I actually have some of my prints stocked with them) So lets get on..

Glass Star Lantern

This is an absolutely stunning piece of homeware and I absolutely adore it. It's so different to most lanterns and for only £16 its an absolute steal! When I move house this is a must have as it's just so elegant and beautiful.

Grey Skull Candle

This is staple for me, I believe this are made my emberco candles, as they are skull candles and look similar/ the same! They are beautiful and come in such a great range of colours and I would definitely have the grey, I wouldn't burn it but use it for decoration, I feel some major purchases coming on!

Skeleton Russian Dolls

I think these are too beautiful, they are amazingly detailed and a great piece of artwork in themselves. I love everything goth so I need this for my new house, I absolutely love it and I think it's just such a great decorative piece.

Teal Agate Bookends Small

I am amazed by how stunning these are! They are absolutely beautiful, I believe they are in three colours on the website, but the teal by far is my favourite because I feel like it would be so light and lovely in any room type, and it would suit more of the stuff that I own. I feel that for £28 these are great and you can get the bigger ones for only £4 more as well although I will probably get the smaller ones.

Poison Bag

So although I could write about homeware all day, I thought I'd talk about some accessories because I am in love with this bag. I have the black version which I got a while back and I really wish I'd got this one instead, it's a gorgeous colour and print and from having the other I know it's amazing quality and I feel like this will have to be my payday treat to myself! And it's only £26.

Black "Little Lies" Dress

This dress is stunning, they also have it in the website in white, but the black looks so much more elegant, and I feel like if your wore this dress you'd feel absolutely gorgeous. I'm just a massive fan of all the details on the dress and it's so pretty!

So here is my wishlist for shop little lies. Check them out if you love this type of style because you really won't disappointed and everything is so amazing and affordable and I will upload a haul of the Little Lies things I already have in the next few weeks!


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