Sunday, May 22, 2016

Harry Potter Cafe | The Magical Bean Emporium

Hi guys, so yesterday we went to a little cafe where I live, and for ages I'd known about this little gem as the "Harry Potter themed cafe"  I was expecting a very corny badly decorated cafe, but it was not. It was almost magical!

The cafe had so much cute memorabilia including a ton of signed harry potter photos by the actresses and actors including Luna Lovegood (which was the sweetest she has such nice writing) with only 8 tables it is a teeny tiny cafe. But the food.. the food was heavenly!

So  when we got the cafe, we were only going to have drinks because we literally popped in for a coffee! But after seeing the milkshakes we all changed our mines, I went for pistachio with cream, my boyfriend went for the oreo with cream, and my auntie had the mint chocolate chip milkshake. These were heavenly ( they also had vegan/ dairy free alternative for those how can't/don't want milk!) 

The next thing we got was cake/ ice creams, my boyfriend and auntie both got sundaes which I can't find a photo off right now but will insert one when I can, and I got cake. Thinking it would be slightly healthier than a massive ice-cream, the cake actually turned out to be spinach cake, which sound soooo disgusting bit actually it tasted so much better than regular cake, it was super fluffy, super delicious and did not taste like spinach either. So that was great! 


Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it and if you can get over to the shop then I suggest it because it was magical! 


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