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Captain America Civil War Review

Hey guys!

I have  been dying to see this Captain America film since it came out as I love Captain America, he is my favourite out of all the avengers/ marvel films. So if you hadn't guessed I was already for #teamcap and my boyfriend was definitely up for #teamironman which made for an interesting viewing of the film!

*There will be spoilers*

The film starts off with the Avengers working in Nigeria trying to stop a bad guy ( like always) There mission means that a few people get killed in crossfire and this is mainly caused by Wanda when she manipulates a bomb into a building to stop Captain America from getting blown up from a moment of weakness.  This sets the Avengers up for  "punishment" they have power that isn't kept in control by anyone and this is what the government wants now, as the people have become scared of what they can do. The avengers are all told to sign a contract to work for the government, and if they don't sign they will retire. This creates the divid between the group those who want to sign and those who can't because they don't feel like they should work for someone and be warfare etc. Initially Iron Man, Black widow, Vision and Warmachine agreeing they should sign, and Scarlett Witch, Falcon and Captain America against it. 

The story line moves on when the hosting of the countries who want the avengers to sign meet up and there is a mass explosion killing the King of Nigeria. His son, who is heart broken ( this is one of the saddest moments in the whole film) Now this is something that really disappointed me, he son becomes the Black Panther which is great but how come marvel only took 30 seconds to introduce him!? No real backstory etc? I felt this was a little bit poor and could have been executed soo much better!

It is then found that Buckie is behind the shooting, and captain america wants to be the one to bring him in as he believes that he didn't do it. After being warned by Black Widow not to do this. This is when Black panther shows for the first time, in a chase between Captain America, falcon and Buckie. After being arrested, Buckie is set free by the "Bad guy" in the film ( don't want to have too many spoilers in this) sets him free and so Cap and Falcon catch Buckie  in the end, where buckie says that he didn't do it and that he has been set up as a winter soldier and someone else must have controlled him and that there are other winter soldiers out there. Five to be accurate.

So moving on to the fight between team cap and team iron man. First up SPIDERMAN IS A KID. And aunt May is super young and attractive and this is not something that I was used to or something I like. I think it works but because of the old films I didn't like it. He is so in-educated about fighting and only really slows Falcon and Buckie down, Ant man is amazing and shows that he can get supersized. It is also a big indicator that Black panther is only in the fight for revenge and not to work for the team whatsoever.

It is this fight that ends with War Machine being seriously injured when Iron Man orders for Falcon to be shot of both sky. ( which is technically his fault he ordered it) and it is heart breaking scene and I thought it really made out even in the advert that he was going to die, which he did not! He was just left very paralysed.

Which brings me to ending. The film ends after a fight between cap and iron man, after finding out that Buckie killed Iron Mans parents, which okay I can see what you would be mad. But it seems like Iron Man will NOT let it go, and from the film it is a pride/anger issue. At this point you find out that the "bad guy" is not trying to do anything but make sure that the Avengers fall apart from the inside. WHICH IS WORKING.  The film the ends with a letter from Captain America to Iron Man saying he is sorry and that he has broke in and rescued the other members of team cap from prison, and that if they were ever needed they would be there to help as the Avengers.

As a whole I liked the movie, but so many bits I didn't like I also think that there were too much of the Avengers in a Captain America Film and that maybe they should have been mentioned a little less and Captain America bit more!? But I am excited for the new marvel films coming out in the next few years.

I hope you enjoyed reading and let me know what you thought of the movie!


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