Sunday, May 01, 2016

April Favourites

Hey guys,

Jesus when did it become May? How has this year gone so fast and there is literally two weeks until I finish my second year at uni, which is crazyyyyyy so I thought I would just post some of the things I've been loving in April.

First up, this lipstick holder, I got this from amazon it was £6 I think! It's just so handy and you can organise all your lipsticks however you want. It's just so nifty I really had to have it. All my lipsticks were just in a bag before this. Now I can be even more organised!

My second favourite has to be the this skirt that  I got from h&m in the sale, it is a long midi skirt in Red, white, black and has a blue streak at the bottom! Its part of a matching co-ord set too, and for £5 it was a bargain! I've lost a lot of weight this month from being sick, I got it in a medium and it now doesn't fit so I can't take a photo with it on haha!

I also got a Sleek Matte me Lipstick, this was a gift from my friend as I has surgery done on my eyes this month ( to remove blood from under my optical nerves left me blind for three days haha) It is a gorgeous matte liquid lipstick, it works and is almost as good as my Lime Crime Velvetines, which is just stunning! I would recommend these to anyone who is new with liquid lipsticks and I'm just too chuffed with it haha.

I also brought some new bedsheets which are the back drop in all my photos right now, aren't they pretty? I got them because of how photogenic they are. I pretty much feel in love with the florals and illustration esq pattern ( these are from Primark so they were also a massive massive bargain if anyone is wanting to get them!)

Then I got these socks from New look for work! They're so cute so I thought I'd feature them haha.

I have a few more favourites but a lot of them are featured in other posts from this month! So I will leave it here as I have brought a lot of uni stuff this month, and I will have a lot more time for blogging next month when uni is finished with. So let me know what you think and what your favourites have been this month!


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