Saturday, May 28, 2016

Mini beauty Haul

So yesterday on my way into town to see the new Alice Through the Looking Glass film I fell into Superdrug to get some bits and bobs, and I had recently seen on Leanne's Snapchat all the Sleek makeup that she had recently got and this made me super interested to try some. 

Monday, May 23, 2016

Revolution Iconic Smokey Eye Palette

Hey guys, so I recently got this eye shadow set for a wedding I'm going to in September, alongside of a ton of makeup I don't normally wear! Which I'll be reviewing over the next few weeks and I'll be doing some wedding makeup looks etc which will be weird because I'm sure a lot of you don't know what I look like.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Harry Potter Cafe | The Magical Bean Emporium

Hi guys, so yesterday we went to a little cafe where I live, and for ages I'd known about this little gem as the "Harry Potter themed cafe"  I was expecting a very corny badly decorated cafe, but it was not. It was almost magical!


Friday, May 20, 2016

My favourite lipsticks

Hey guys. So since a lot of my lipstick post tend to be peoples favourites my favourite lipsticks post has been asked for a couple of times and I finally got round to doing it! I haven't included any photos of the liners that I use with some of these but I will let you know which ones they are with each shade. So lets get on.


Wednesday, May 18, 2016

My blogging goals for the rest of 2016

So it's May nearing June and I'm sitting here wondering what I've accomplished this year so far, as I has many hopes and aspirations when I entered the year most of which I haven't reached at this point ( which is a little disheartening)  but in the terms of blogging I've done some thing which I didn't think I would at this point. So these are my goals for the rest of the years!


Monday, May 16, 2016

Love Lettuce Face Mask

Hey guys!

So after my don't look at me fresh face mask ran out, I decided that I was absolutely hooked on how good the fresh masks were they're just so great to your skin. Like I said in my last post I don't really suffer with any oily/ combination skin etc. Sometimes my skin gets a little dry but that is so rare that it barely ever happens. I literally just wear facemarks to make my skin more perky and happy. Which this definitely does.

I found this to be a lot heavier than don't look at me, but it smells amazing and it made my skin a lot softer than don't look at me. I've also had this mask in the fridge a little longer than the other and it hasn't dried out anywhere near as much. The application needs a lot less time on your face I feel as within 10 minutes it was already dry and very stiff and ready to wash off. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to maybe try out the masks as I feel this was the easiest and the smoothest one to try. Thanks for reading.


Saturday, May 14, 2016

Primark Haul

Hey guys! So when I went home, I managed to get to Primark and they had a lot of different stock to that of what I’ve seen in the branch in my university town (Northampton). I absolutely love the things I got and I’m so happy to show them (not many of these thing are clothes sorry!) But everything in Primark now seems to be a little bit better on quality and so much more stylish?


Friday, May 13, 2016

Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Lipsticks

Hey guys. So if you're a beauty guru/ love makeup or are a massive fan of Alice in Wonderland like me then you would know that Urban Decay was approached by Disney to make the official makeup for Alice Through The Looking Glass. Now the palette and the lipsticks are gorgeous, I managed to order two of the lipsticks online before some of the shades sold out ( these have not arrived yet) But the first one that I managed to get was Mirana, which is the darker red shade and it is absolutely stunning.


Monday, May 09, 2016

May Lush mini haul!

Hey guys,
It happened again I fell into the place that is the magical lush northampton store (the staff there are the most amazing and very sweet) I actually love going in just for the staff and the environment is just top notch. But me AND my boyfriend got things which was cool ( its the first time he's accepted the lush life)


Saturday, May 07, 2016

Captain America Civil War Review

Hey guys!

I have  been dying to see this Captain America film since it came out as I love Captain America, he is my favourite out of all the avengers/ marvel films. So if you hadn't guessed I was already for #teamcap and my boyfriend was definitely up for #teamironman which made for an interesting viewing of the film!

*There will be spoilers*


Friday, May 06, 2016

Little Lies Wishlist

Hey guys! So, lately I've been lusting over a lot of things but I've really been wishing for all the things from Little Lies, they are an amazing shop which sells all the witchy boohoo homeware/jewellery/ clothes ( I actually have some of my prints stocked with them) So lets get on..

Glass Star Lantern


Wednesday, May 04, 2016

50 Blog Post ideas/ Help kick creative block

Hey guys!

So I've thought I'd do this to help others but also something that I can look back at and reflect at as well haha. This is just something to help people and I've been writing ideas down for a little while, so let me know what you think!

  1.  A room tour 
  2.  Q+A post
  3.  Your fashion wishlist
  4.  What I've been watching on Netflix 
  5.  DIY / How to post
  6.  Monthly favourites/ fails
  7.  Your dream travel destinations
  8.  Shoe collection
  9.  How to promote your blog
  10.  Your favourite Instagram account
  11.  What's in your bag?
  12.  Favourite Disney films
  13.  Blogging tips
  14.  Outfit of the day posts
  15.  Lipstick collection
  16.  Your favourite places to eat out
  17.  Introduction to your youtube account
  18.  Talking about family traditions
  19.  Home Inspiration
  20.  Your current life goals
  21.  A post about your job
  22.  Do a 30 day challenge ( Blogmas/ food/ photography)
  23.  Beauty tutorial
  24.  University/ College Experience
  25.  Run a contest/ giveaway
  26.  Share/ talk about your favourite comments your blog has received 
  27.  Interview another blogger
  28.  Favourite books
  29.  Day Trip post
  30.  Favourite Lush products
  31.  Worst beauty products
  32.  Your work space
  33.  Daily essentials/ routine
  34.  Date ideas
  35.  Nail care/ nail routine
  36.  Favourite fragances
  37.  A budget lookbook
  38.  Summer Bucket List/ Goals
  39.  Your favourite Holiday
  40.  Reasons you love blogging
  41.  Photography tips for blog posts
  42.  Date makeup look
  43.  Your dream house post
  44.  Make up dupe comparisons
  45.  Make up tips for beginners
  46.  DIY jewellery post
  47.  Beauty box subscription unboxing ( birch box etc)
  48.  Boyfriend Tag
  49.  50 facts about me
  50.  Fancy dress idea video/vlog


Monday, May 02, 2016

Don't look at me | Lush review

Hey guys! So I've literally been in love with this product for the last two weeks and it is the Lush Don't look at me face mask. It is amazing, when I was picking out which fresh face mask I wanted it came down between this and cupcake. The smell is just heavenly it's so citrusy and just smells amazing! A little lemony too be honest. Its this beautiful bright blue colour and the things it does to your skin.

The lush masks have always been amazing on my skin, I have VERY VERY sensitive skin, I don't wear makeup everyday because I'm that sensitive haha. It is amazing, it makes my face so soft and gentle and it literally takes the sensitivity away. I don't get spots at all on my face ( I'm very lucky) but I've heard that this is good for getting rid of spots. Also because this has to stay refrigerated it's very cooling and refreshing on your face! I would suggest it if you get stressed etc because it has just done wonders for me.

So let me know what your favourite lush face mask is if you have one? Or any you are interesting in trying. Thanks for reading 


Sunday, May 01, 2016

April Favourites

Hey guys,

Jesus when did it become May? How has this year gone so fast and there is literally two weeks until I finish my second year at uni, which is crazyyyyyy so I thought I would just post some of the things I've been loving in April.

First up, this lipstick holder, I got this from amazon it was £6 I think! It's just so handy and you can organise all your lipsticks however you want. It's just so nifty I really had to have it. All my lipsticks were just in a bag before this. Now I can be even more organised!