Monday, April 18, 2016

Skinny Dip London Haul/ Review

Hey guys!

I had an AMAZING time in London, I'm so lucky to be a train journey away from the big city haha. But I've been planning on going to Skinny dip for a long time because well they make the nicest things! And there prints on everything are just hella cool ( I love the bat shit cray print and avocado)

So when I was walking around the store at Carnaby, the guy who was working there was a sweetheart he helped me find everything I wanted and checked online for the things that were sold out in store. The first thing that I got was the Pink Holographic purse! I absolutely adored it and it was just soon shiny.

 The second thing I picked up was the "Babe- Magnet" Toiletry bag, I got this because. It is just so punny it's a really good size and I just thing that it is great! It's quite a pale colour and very pastel. Which really suites the bag. I haven't seen this on the website before or anyone have it so I thought why not?The bag was £16 which for a decent travel bag is not too pricey.

The next thing that I got was the Alphabet Stickers, I got these for my purse. Which I got in a letter K and Z this is because those are my initials! Unfortunately I appear to be colour blind and got one on a bronze colour and one in a gold colour but they work together haha! I put these on my pink purse which I thought looked hella cute.

To round my trip off I brought a portable charge. I got this because I was running out of phone charge on the train and I really wanted to take more photos for my blog. The charge is super compact and really really good, it charged my phone up really quickly and I will be taking it everywhere. For £20 this was a bargainnnnn.

So this was my Skinny Dip Haul! Hope you liked and if you haven't I suggest going to the store, because the staff and the store are just 150%!


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