Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Mac Lipsticks Up the Amp/ New York Apple

Hey guys!

So I brought another two Mac lipsticks! I've really been loving mac shades this month ( I've got a ton of LimeCrime on the way I went a little bit crazy haha with cosmetics) I brought these from the Leicester Square Store and they were packed so I just tried a ton of lipsticks and oh my god did I love  some of the shades.

So the first shade I got was Up the Amp, now not to lie this shade is gorgeous I don't normally wear natural shades I prefer really bright colours and colours that really stand out. But when I swatched this it just reminded me of Polly from Lime Crime but a paler and more purple which isn't really super natural but haha. I brought it because of this and because everyone needs pinky purple  colour in there makeup bag! Haha. I will insert photos of me wearing this at the bottom of the post. I would suggest getting a lip liner for this as it does come of a little bit quicker than most mac lipsticks.

The second shade I got, was New York Apple and this was stunning! I had seen people hyping about this shade for a long time. Its a sheer shade that is really glittery but quite a deep red if you get what I mean. It's stunning on and this is why I brought it. I love the shine that it has and it just lovely. I wore my lip liner brick under it because it was the closest shade that I have and its just so nice. If you love reds then this is something that I would suggest because it is so different to anything else that I own in my red lipstick collection.

So yes! I'm very happy with these they are lovely, and if you haven't check the shades out in store or online.  Thanks for reading and let me know what you think!

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  1. I won a Mac gift card recently and this has helped me decide that I definitely want to buy a lipstick! Will be swatching Up The Amp in the shop for sure, it looks lovely! ❤️ great post x

    1. I would suggest, mac red, russian red, lady danger, whirl, soar and Brave if you're starting out! They're really good without liners and won't wear away as quick as the colours like up the amp and ones with a sheer x