Thursday, April 14, 2016

First MXCI purchase

Hey guys,

So I recently ordered from the brand MXCI, I've been looking at them for a while,  I've been lusting over the witchcraft collection for so long it has felt like forever. I didn't buy the dress this time round because I'm still very cautious of what the sizing might be like but I have brought a tote bag!

I decided to make my first purchase from then when my artist friend Jess made a collaborative project with them which can be found on there website and you should for sure check it out because everything in the collection is limited to 25 pieces per items.

I got the "You can do it Bruce" Tote bag, I'm not a massive fan of Matilda but I thought this was amazing because cake! The text and quality of the print is just stunning an of course the actual illustration is stunning because Jess did it.

The bag itself is a really decent size being just over A4 I believe and really spacious it can fit a ton of envelopes in it and my mac as well! And for £10 it was an absolute bargain.

The tag that came on the bag was such a cute collaborative idea and I love it, I've still got it on my bag as it was too cute to take off!

So I would really suggest getting this or the jumper that they made and the things I found really amazing about this order is I ordered this Monday during the day. It arrived first thing Wednesday which was amazingly fast for companies! I was soon happy with and will be buying some clothes from the next month! So I will write a longer review then.

So let me know of you've ever brought anything from MXCI and what you think of the collaboration!

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