Monday, April 25, 2016

50 Facts about me

Hey guys!

I've seen this circulating a lot on youtube so I thought I'd make a little post about it since I'm still a shy bean on camera haha! I'll try and keep this interesting, but I'm a pretty boring person. Also since I look pants today here is the amazing header than the lovely Dorkface/ Jemma made for me ( ya'll better commission her for some stunning headers!)

  1. I have a baby hamster called Dexter ( she's three months old)
  2. I study Fine Art at the University of Northampton
  3. I'm from Southend-on-sea in Essex
  4. I love coffee
  5. I drink all my tea black ( no milk ever)
  6. I have my nose pierced
  7. I don't have any tattoos
  8. My favourite colour is purple
  9. I have a tartan scarf I wear everyday
  10. I have the longest legs ever ( not even exaggerating)
  11. I'm not a massive fan of disney land/world ( have been many times, not my cup of tea)
  12. I love travelling but I'm scared of planes
  13. I have a rare blood condition that only affects 1-10 females born every year
  14. I really struggle to sleep 
  15. I love avocados with a passion 
  16. My favourite lipsticks are from Lime Crime
  17. I love halloween
  18. Nightmare before christmas is my favourite film
  19. I have a mild obsession with copper homeware
  20. I love story time youtube videos
  21. I work at my favourite place ( Picturedrome Northampton)
  22. I am the biggest Lush fan!
  23. I own 36 bath bombs ATM
  24. I collect rings
  25. My favourite jewellery brand is The Serpents Club/ Regal Rose
  26. I've been with my boyfriend 1 year 1 month
  27. I live with my grandparents (when I'm not at uni)
  28. I love tequila n cocktails
  29. Olivia Cara/ Stepanka are two of my favourite youtubers
  30. Heart Shaped Bones and Popcorn and Glitter are my favourite blogs
  31. I recently ordered a Grafea bag
  32. I own 11 pairs of dr martens
  33. I don't really like chocolate ( weird I know)
  34. I'm a cat person/ I like dogs too
  35. I have 8 Mac lipsticks
  36. Netflix is babe
  37. My favourite food is pizzaaaaaaaaa
  38. I love FNAF ( played all the games)
  39. I use my boyfriends camera for all my posts ( Nikon D7100) 
  40. Favourite lush products are Snow Fairy/ Lord of Misrule
  41. I am watching frozen right now
  42. I recently had surgery on my eyes to remove blood from under the optical nerves
  43. I wear Chanel Chance everyday
  44. I love films with a passion
  45. I have like three close friends and that is it
  46. I work all the time or I'm at uni/ no social life
  47. My favourite cocktail is a blue lagoon
  48. I collect tattoo illustration prints
  49. I use my bedsheets as my photo back shoot
  50. I love Red bull too much
So this is 50 facts about me! If anyone has done this post/video then let me know as I'd love to get to know you guys more too.


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