Thursday, March 31, 2016

Six month of blogging| half way through uni | year anniversary

Hey guys!

So the month of April brings rounds some big things for me, the end of February brought around my half a year of blogging, the end of march makes me half way through my degree, and with under 50 days until the end of my second year ( academic time) I've been thinking about a lot of things lately!

So I'll start with blogging. In my few months of blogging I have learnt a lot of things, first up being my grammar and spelling is not as great as I first thought it was when I started. I found that the blogging world is filled with the nicest people and that everyone is so friendly and likes to help each other out. The first blogging group I joined was "The Girl Gang" which I absolutely adore! The members are so lovely and I try to join the weekly chat as often as I can!
Although most of these are positives I have noticed a few negatives which are "copycats" are everywhere and will drain your ideas and steal of the more popular bloggers off the time, which is literally just ripping them off. I have only came across it a few times but it so obvious and there is very little that bloggers can do to stop them, which is really sad. I have also found that if you write anything for any brand you are instantly affiliated with them! Which sucks because sometimes I have literally received emails from brands badgering me to review their product when they have pushed it too much and I have said no and still receive in the post. But apart from that I have found my first few months of blogging to be the best and I really enjoy it!

With University it's a bit of a different story. I love the university I go to and I love the course that I do but this year I have really really struggled with it. I have always been quite intellectual and worked super hard, so in second year when I get to the studio at 8am and leave after 8pm most being told " I don't work hard enough" was a massive kick in the teeth. I study Fine Art which isn't like most courses because I have to produce a large body of written works, a massive studio module worth of work ( we are talking 20 pieces + per term depending on what you do) a set of professional studies and another studio module ( slightly smaller but worse module). This year the tutors have questioned people more on their art and what is the reasoning behind it as contexual/ critical studies is something that I really need to get better at. I have been working super hard with my paintings to find that "something" that they need, because as all my tutors have said " they have a voice but i don't know what they're saying". It hasn't been the work load that I've struggled with it's more of the artists worse enemy of "I'm not good enough and I'll never get anywhere". There have been areas of the course that I have excelled at but that still hasn't made up for the shit time I've had with making work, and at every point I've had tutors make me talk to the first years as to where they should be second year when I don't even know what I'm doing with my life.

But with my written modules I have found that blogging has really helped me become a better writer and I enjoy them a lot more. I have also found that the Library is my best friend and I definitely did not use it enough in my first year whatsoever and could have utilised it to become a lot better at some of the research areas I really struggle with. I've also found that reading almost all my free time has helped so much!

From a point of someone who is really antisocial, I have also learnt that you definitely need a break of some sort, because of uni, work, blogging, my print business and seeing my family at the beginning of the year I had no life at all.  So I have now made times of the week where as a friendship group me and my boyfriend go out and do something that has nothing to do with any of those things. Even if it is drinking tea at 11pm on Sunday night at The Picturedrome! Haha. I have also found that the people who I were friends with in first year well I guess we weren't really friends and I've grown apart from a lot of them, and tbh I'm not sad about it either anymore. I was at first, but hey nothing you can do about it.

This was also the first year that I got a job while at uni, which I'm not going to lie, working 4 days, university and blogging absolutely killed me at first. I would not suggest getting a job unless you have too and you can handle the work load/pressure. Because, especially in the first term of this year I found that it was just too much for my plate! Because I working till 2am most nights as well this made me even more unsociable so I would suggest a day job.

Thanks of reading and I'd love to hear your experiences of University/blogging/life!


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