Thursday, March 31, 2016

March Favourites

Hey guys,

So not going to lie this has been an awful month for buying things, I got "dismissed" from my job the first day of March due to the company running out of money. I also had my major project at uni which was an exhibition that took a lot of my time/ effort. So life has sucked this month haha but it I did get a new job, which I've done a few shifts at so far and I love it! It's got a better environment and is in a nicer area and all the staff have been so lovely to me, I was a regular customer there before I worked there which has helped a lot.

Anyway so my favourite things this month,

my new dc martens, for sure these are my favourite things this month. They hurt my feet like a bitch but they are for sure the best thing! I brought them a size smaller, this is because once they give the size I normally take in docs becomes too big. I absolutely love the colour of these so I will be doing an outfit post with them next week!

I also brought the intern on DVD, I really wanted to see this when it was in the cinema but I just didn't get the time to go! The film is amazing and just so funny, and genuinely a feel good film! Plus I absolutely adore Anne Hathaway so this was perfect for me haha.

So for sure the biggest thing I have brought in a long long time. I have needed a new laptop for a while but I had to save this was so out of my price range, but I had the money so I went and brought it. I got the Macbook Pro 13 inch Retina Screen, I needed the retina display for university and it is amazing.

I also received this really lovely Yankee Candle from my exhibition team at uni, they brought me a really lovely card and this candle and treated me to one of those millies cookies the massive one tats bigger than your face! Since everyone who follows me know I am a massive Yankee Fan and this was for sure on my wishlist. It smells heavenly and its so lovely!

So only a small post but here are my favourites! I will be blogging a lot more from now on, April and May will not be as busy as this month at all


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  1. All lovely purchases! I really need to buy some DMs as the ones I got from a friend a couple of years ago are too big for me :(

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