Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Lime Crime Velvetine Review

Hey guys, so recently I brought a shit ton of stuff from Lime Crime. Why? Because I love the stuff they sell and it was finally time for me to buy some Velvetines. I've heard so much about them but I was a little shy to spend £13 + £8 postage on something that wasn't going to be very good. So here is what I thought!

Except for Riot, these are the shades I brought! Red Velvet, Fetish, Pumpkin, Wicked ( and Polly but I forgot to photograph it as it had already been put in my bag!) So I'm just going to write a little about the application and what I think about the shade itself.

Red Velvet is a shade that I brought because my best friend brought it too, its a lighter red, but a very strong toned colour. A little bit like MAC RED. For application it was one of the easier ones to apply. A massive warning though if this stuff dries on your skin.. it is very very hard to get off. 

Wicked is a deeper red, very very dark and  for application... well lets say after three times I gave up on the first day. The colour applies very unevenly and if you get this on your skin you'll be stuck with a rose light red patch for the rest of the day. After my first few tries I did get a little better with these, but the pigment is so bright and dark that it is so hard to remove if you miss apply. But once on your lips it looks stunning and I found that only very milky coffee and very oily foods removed it from your lips!

Pumpkin which on the website was described as a "Brick Red" is a stunning colour. Its between an orange and red and is very much like MAC Brick ( if you have this shade you will understand) It's beautiful and easily the best for application, the mixture seemed to apply so much better and dried a lot quicker on the lips than the other, maybe within 20 seconds or so and was a lit easier to get off skin. ( I 100% recommend it)

Fetish (alongside Polly) were the first of the valentines collection to be released. Fetish which is a very dark purple. I love this shade, it applies very well and a lot better than any other shade of purple I have including Instigator by mac ( this is the only purple I can't think of that is similar to this). The only think with application is getting this off your skin/ face if your a little messy with it, it is almost impossible to wipe off. The pigment within the shade is so strong that I struggled to get it off but I'm very happy with it apart from this.

I'm really happy with all of this haul from LimeCrime, I am so happy with the quality. I brought a couple of Polly and Fetish as they are Limited Edition so I ended up spending well over $100. I was very worried about how they would apply etc being a completely lip stain newbie, but it worked out well and I would suggest this to anyone who wants try lip stains or Lime Crime for the first time!

I will be adding a post as a little comparison to the mac shades, as I have almost all of the matching MAC Shades to this as I think it would be really fun. But let me know what you think and thank you for reading!



  1. I purchased some LimeCrime about a year ago (maybe more) and I was nervous too but I was really pleased! I still have yet to try the Velvetines but Fetish looks like such a gorgeous colour! What an amazing haul of gorgeous tones you got xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

  2. I've always been nervous to order from LimeCrime but after reading this I think I may have to, lovely post xx

  3. Oh I love all the names -- so fun and perfect for Valentine's Day. Especially intrigued by that Red Velvet!


    Ashley || Sed Bona