Friday, February 12, 2016

JGDrawings Review

Hey guys so I thought I'd do a little  post on one of my favourite artists Jessica Gutteridge/ JG Drawing. My absolute favourite is the bird and the teacup I have genuinely wanted it since I first followed Jess on social medias almost two years ago. But this Alice in the Wonderland print is a close second I adore the style and all the details, the little Cheshire cat in the back is definitely my favourite and the hatters hat.

Jess also sent me this beautiful Ganesh print and Moon Kitty Print. The Ganesh print I adore, I love all the details on the shading and the dot work is just on point.  But the Moon Kitty print is just stunning, I love all the flowers and the mandala detailing behind the cat.. I would buy 100 copies if I could just to stare at all day.

The bird and teacup ( alice in wonderland inspired) is the print I talked earlier. The details are to die for and I just love the composition and how cute the cup is! It's a killer. I don't think it is available on the website to buy anymore , it was sort of like a flash sale thingy. I also was lucky enough to get one of Jessica's set of Valentines day cards of famous gothy couples! I love them all so I was so happy to receive one, and it's Morticia and Gomez!

So all of the art was absolutely stunning and if you don't follow Jess on instagram you 100% should! And I will leave all the places to follow her underneath this! 

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  1. That artwork is gorgeous! I think the cat is my favourite :) xo

  2. You absolute babe! thankyou so much :) xxx

  3. That bird and tea cup is super cute. I love Alice in Wonderland stuff too!

  4. That bird and tea cup is super cute. I love Alice in Wonderland stuff too!