Friday, February 19, 2016

Dead pool Review

Hey guys! So on Tuesday I went to see Deadpool and I am so glad I did, I have never seen any Marvel films at the cinema and in general have not seen that many! So if my review is a little shabby haha this is probably why..

Spoilers present

Deadpool is more of an anti-hero type, he falls in-between the cracks of a hero and villain. The film is full of comical jeers, and even the opening credits are replaced with stereotypical comic film character types such as “Moody Teen” “villain” etc. With the title opening being a small scribble from Dead pool in a child like manor of himself beating up the “bad guy” with Deadpool written in crayon.  Deadpool also narrates to the public rather than talking to other characters all the time, which was a new approach in a movie like this I believe. It was something very different and something that I really really enjoyed throughout the film.

The film immediately opens to a shot of the first fight where it is not really evident what it going to happen before shifting into a scene of Deadpool in a taxi. Here he is talking to the driver and it becomes very evident what type of person he is from sexual innuendos everywhere and language that you would never repeat in front of your mother/grandmother/ family.

As a main character he is exceptionally violent and this is seen in the first 10 minutes, with him killing a ton of people with just 12 bullets, playing it off as if it is a game, why engaging with the narration.  At this point I was not aware until he was shot that Deadpool is in fact a mutant, not the weird creepy sort that live under the ground in Futurama, but the XMEN sort. He holds the ability to heal from any injury, including cutting his own hand off, although in this case it does not immediately heal back, it does indeed grow back.

Which is fair to point that there are two other XMEN characters in the film, with Deadpool constantly joking as the narrator that the studio could not afford a third in the movie!  The two XMEN in the movie are Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead, you even get to visit the school for XMEN multiple times in the movie.  They are major characters in the film although, the only reason for this I believe is that they are trying to get him to join the XMEN, even though he says multiple times that he is not interested as he is not a “hero” and this is event through his list of people he has killed in his mission to find “ Francis”

Without giving too many spoilers away and writing 10 pages, “Francis” is the man responsible for making Deadpool and not in a nice way. The film is based around his manhunt for Francis and getting back the “love” in his live Vanessa. Vanessa doesn’t appear very early in the film but when Wyd is still “normal” Vanessa is his partner until he leaves and later becomes Deadpool. Obviously the bad guys feel the need to kidnap her to grab Deadpool’s attention even though he is searching for Francis. – this was quite stereotypical and I’m really not sure how I felt about this part of the movie- As part of the plot it is not really needed and I’m sure they could have not included it but hey ho. Although being a stripper she is not the stereotypical “hero’s partner” which is something that I do like.

The "bad" guy Francis is pretty much the stereotypical bad guy as well, with an asshole attitude and a cooky way of thinking. So you can tell how it goes down a little bit haha.

So if you love comedy but don't care too much about how well put together a plot is than is definitely for you! But it was worth the money and I do look forward to seeing Deadpool two!


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  1. I saw it in a French cinema, but still loved it even though I didn't understand all of it. It was quite a diverse cast I thought, which always adds to a film.

    Jemima x