Monday, January 04, 2016

Skinny Dip London Phone Case Review

Hey guys,

So over the Christmas period I was spoiled rotten! Absolutely rotten, and I was super lucky to get these two phone cases for my iPhone 6s from SkinnyDipLondon, I choose the Heart Rocket Case and Silicone Zap Case.

Heart Rocket Case 6/6s £12

This was a case that I wanted since I brought my 'bat shit cray' case earlier in December so when I saw this in the sale for £6 I had to have it! Its such a good fit on my phone, I actually broke a nail trying to get it off. It's a very thick plastic although it doesn't cover the front of the case very much, so I would be really really careful about dropping it because I'm not sure how well it would last. But the image quality is superb and the case comes with a free screen protector!

Silicone Zap Case 6/6s £14

So this case was something that I really really wanted, and I'm actually quite dissapointed with it! When I received the case, the light up feature didn't work and I've currently not heard back from SkinnyDip! The case is great and I could live with it without it lighting up because it is such a good fit to my phone and covers the back and protects it a little at the front, I'm just a little disappointed they didn't get back to me! I did get this in the sale too, so I believe I can't return it anyway but it is still a lovely case.

Hope everyone had a lovely holidays and great start to the new year!



  1. Both these cases are so cute! I especially love the one with rockets on. x