Friday, January 29, 2016

Serpents Club Necklace

Hey guys!

I recently won a small giveaway over on Instagram by the Jewellery Goddess' The Serpents Club. I actually cried when I found I'd won because I have wanted one for absolutely ages! So I thought I'd write a little small post about it.

The necklace itself can in a very small package, which meant it was perfect for posting through my door and it didn't get re-delivered because I wasn't around. Inside the package was this super cute little black box that says "The serpents club" in gold across the bottom which was so classy and I adored it.

Inside the box was the necklace pouch with a small business card ( I really really liked the shape of the card because it was delicate and just matched the packaging perfectly). Then inside the pouch was the necklace. The necklaces are all individually named and mine is Dylan II.

And it is stunning. Such a beautiful small gem ( which is soooo smooth) on a really long silver chain. I was really impressed with the quality of the chain as well because it is so thick and you can tell it won't break easily whatsoever.

Only a small post because I'm so happy with it but hope you guys like it! And for sure check out The Serpents Club if you haven't already because they are just great.


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