Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Mask of Magnaminty vs Cup O'Coffee Face Mask

Hey guys,

So it's Mask of Magnaminty Monday and I was thinking is the mask of magnaminty the best!? I've tried a lot of the lush face masks and my other favourite is Cup O' Coffee so I thought I'd write a little review/ vs of the two.

Mask of Magnaminty

This stuff is lush, the mask itself is so thick and pepperminty. I have used this stuff for over a year. When the mask is on your face, it dries incredibly tight! Like it hurts to mover your face the first few times, but smells amazing. It leaves my skin feeling so fresh and soft. It also really helps with spots! I only get spots when I'm extremely stressed ( I am very lucky) and this face mask is the only thing that helps them.

Cup O'Coffee

This face mask is sooo nice, I recently got this over christmas and it's beautiful. It smells like fresh ground coffee beans, and it is also a very different mask, it is quite thin and easy to apply and has a jelly like feeling why it's on your face. It left my face feeling amazing, but it smelt of coffee for the next two days haha! Which was not a massive issue, but would not be everyones cup of coffee (excuse the pun).

So overall I would still say Magnaminty reigns supreme with Cup O' Coffee very near to it! But let me know what you think!


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  1. I have the Cup O' Coffee mask and really like it! The one thing I don't love is the mess of removing it LOL! :D

    I have yet to try Mask of Magnanimity but must try it sometime as I've only ever heard good things!