Sunday, January 10, 2016

Lime Crime Haul

Hey guys,

Today I got my first ever Lime Crime order. Obviously due to the rumours in the past I've stayed clear of Lime Crime literally because I can not afford to get my details stolen being a student but everything went smoothly and it was such a good shopping experience! Plus the tracking allowed me to know where my order was at all times, even with bank holidays it only took 8 days too arrive, from America over the christmas season that is just 

Unicorn Lipstick - New York

Because of this being Holographic it took a long time to get a slightly acceptable photo! I'm not one for big bold colours but I actually brought this for a dress up party next month, I tried this and it is so pigmented and is perfectly yellow! I've never seen such good coverage from a lipstick before. For £3.19 it was also a massive bargain! As this wasn't an item on my wish-list but just something convenient to get.

Carousel Lipglosses - Cherry On Top & Candy Apple

Cherry on top is the shade on the left, this is a lipgloss I have heard such good things about in the past I have read two reviews on it, saying it was potentially the best lipgloss! I totally agree, the lipgloss itself has a tiny application brush which makes it perfect for corners and filling up your lips however you like (and great for mixing shades) I love the fact that it is glittery and has the same pigmentation as the lipsticks! I got this really wet when I first wore it and it still stayed pretty well ( not amazingly though) but it was pouring with rain!

Candy Apple, the darker shade on the right, was something I just had to purchase! Who doesn't love a super dark red with a ton of glitter!? I just had to have it haha, and because the postage to England is so expensive it was worth buying more than one thing!

Since this purchase I have gone on to purchase, Stiletto unicorn lipstick, Poison-berry unicorn lipstick, shroom and pumpkin velvetine, along side a new nail varnish! So I will have another review up next month! But for now hope you guys enjoyed it.



  1. I've never tried this brand before. Looks like you got some lovely bits! Great blog :)

    1. I just got my second order yesterday! Their products are definitely worth ordering :)xx

  2. If you're worried about card details being stolen you can get Lime Crime on other websites, I don't think there is as big a selection of course!
    Megan x
    London Callings

    1. I always buy through paypal so I'm pretty protected! I know Urban Outfitter sell some of their stuff though xx