Sunday, January 03, 2016

Christmas Haul

Christmas Haul 2015!

Hey guys so I've finally got round to writing my haul and I'm so excited because I've been waiting since Christmas day just to open some of this stuff so I could take photos with the packaging haha! I've done a Christmas Lush haul separately because I did get a lot of lush stuff ( I'm not bragging just appreciative of everything that I got so I'm going to share that with you!)

Yankee Christmas Voltive set

This lovely set was a beautiful gift that I got from my boyfriends mum along side a super brilliant moleskin Diary/Planner. I was so chuffed with this because I absolutely adore christmas scents, I've also never smelt sparkling snow or sparkling cinnamon before. The cinnamon is my new favourite it just smells so festive!

Lush Whoosh Jelly and Cup'O Coffee face mask

So these were just a small amount of the lush products I received and I'm soo happy with them! My bath is actually currently broken so when it is fixed I will be having all the lush baths! But until then Cup'O'Coffee face masks it is.

Chocoholics Chocolates

I'm not a massive chocolate person but these, these are just wow, they come in so many flavours and the cutest box! Plus they are super photogenic haha thought they were the mention!

Chanel Chance

This along side the Pandora Sleigh Charm ( I couldn't get a photo because it is sooo tiny and shiny haha) were my main gifts! I have always been a massive fan of Chanel Chance, I collect it. It has also been a really really long time since I last had the original variety, I normally opt for the Pink or Green variation! So I was very chuffed when I saw this beauty on Christmas day! ( I'm also writing a Chanel Chance Review as I currently have 3/4 variants!) 

I hope you all enjoyed this post, there were a few gifts I haven't mention ( the ones my boyfriend got me because they haven't arrived yet! and my pandora charm/ costa gift vouchers haha) I hope everyone had a lovely holidays with their families and loved all their gifts! 

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