Friday, January 01, 2016

2016 Plans and goals!

Hey guys! For the first time in 2016, yesterday I posted about my 2015 my experiences and losses and everything that made it the year it was. So i thought I should really write a post about what my aim for 2016 is and if for nothing else I can use this at the end of the year to reflect back.

My resolutions are split into 3 mainly

1.  Be more self confident and learn to like my appearance

I really struggle with my appearance and extremely hate it, so this will be the hardest of all my resolutions because I've never wanted to like myself before. I'm just under 5ft11 which I struggle with as well because I've always like the figure type of petite women who are a size 8 etc. I'd also like to be more confident to lookbook post etc.

2.  Visit on new place or do one new thing as a couple

This one I stole/borrowed of Jessica Gutteridge (blogger/artists/generally ace) As me and my boyfriend really want to do new things together as we have the most opportunity to do so when we're at university and why not? I wanted to do this last year but me and my boyfriend weren't in a position to do so. We have booked our first three new things, Januarys is in London, February in Birmingham and March in Oxford! Exciting things.

3.  Complete all my goals for the year

This is were the list gets a little longer! I like to set goals and have things to achieve so I have a couple of I have to do and others that are just up there.

  • Pass my second year of University ( this is clearly a must haha)
  • Ace both planned exhibitions, one of which I'm running and will be doing the opening speech for and will invite some blogging friends if they want to come!
  • Blog more often! I would like to write 2-3 posts every week when possible.
  • Gain 1000 Bloglovin followers ( that might sound like a lot but I'd really like to get my blog out there!
  • Plan a holiday
  • Be happier 
Let me know what your goals are I'd like to have a hear! 


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  1. I also only have a few resolutions because they are so much easier to follow. I loved yours.