Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Body Shop Christmas Haul

Hey lovelies, this boxing day I went a bit a crazy and brought a ton of new bits and bobs from many shops and Body Shop was one of the shops I had to visit! I brought a couple of bits and I'm really happy with them


Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Web Design Tips For Start Ups

Hey lovelies, so today lets talk about web design, which for us bloggers and for online businesses is so important – we all want our websites to look amazing and have the best impact that they can. But this post is something that will be useful to everyone!

1) More is less

When looking for layouts for your website more is always less. The more you add to your design can take away from your content which is not something you want. Go for a design that suits you but also think about your readers! The same can be said about fonts – the simpler the better!

2) Whitespace 

Whitespace again is so important for how your content is viewed, too much on the page and no whitespace will make your page distracting. 

3) Imagery 

Let’s talk photography/pictures. Never have massive photos on your website unless the fit a purpose, the large file sizes will slow down how quickly your page is loaded and this can be have the opposite effect you want it to. Also make sure your images are relevant to your page – if your website is about food then maybe don’t have lots of pictures of shoes etc.

4) Fonts 

Simple fonts are always better; they make reading so much easier. Although fancier fonts might not be used by everyone and more unique they just don’t look as good on your website. 

5) Ads 

Now having adverts on your website is a personal choice. I personally don’t have on mine anymore but if you do decide to run ads don’t have loads of them. They’re a great source of income but too many of them can clog up your page and make it look so unprofessional and distracting. If your ads make people leave your page it’s doing the opposite of what you want!

So these are just a few tips but I hope they really help you as these have been really useful to me! If you have any confusion about web designing then there are a lot of companies who provide web design services such as Tekfirst in North Yorkshire offers amazing web designing services to its clients all over UK!

* This post is in collaboration with Tekfirst* and their Make things worth sharing campaign.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Birthday Gifts + HP Studio Tour Haul

Hey lovelies, so it was recently my birthday and I'd thought I'd share the gifts that I got with you and the experience that I had with at the Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio Tour! I turned 21 and I genuinely had the best day ever haha.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Christmas Wishlist 2016

 Hey lovelies, so as one of my blogmas posts I'd thought I'd give you my little wishlist as it's my birthday this month too! There aren't many things on this list because I'm super fussy but I did ask for new pillows for Christmas as well haha.


Tuesday, December 13, 2016

It's my birthday

Hey lovelies, so if you haven't seen the balloons on twitter, it's my birthday and I'm 21 today! If you can't tell I'm so excited to finally be 21 being in my last year of university on an art course I'm by far the youngest in my year.

Today I'm spending the day at the Harry Potter Studio Tour with my boyfriend, auntie and nan which for me is so lovely because I rarely see my family on birthday being in my university town which is a long way from my home town. I also got a ton of cards from people when I visited home the week before last and it meant so much to me because I normally only get 4-5 cards from my immediate family but this year I got one from everyone. When we get back from the studio tour we are going to revolutions for cocktails ( espresso martini come at me). If you want to see a birthday haul of gifts and things I've brought from the tour let me know!

I love birthdays so much I've literally been counting down till today for the last three months, I'm honestly so happy to be 21 now. I can finally drink in America and go to the UK underground cinema club, who knew you'd have to be 21 to finally see a film slightly underground haha.. I'm also going to do some birthday shopping this week as I religiously buy myself a birthday gift every year, I'm thinking of buying some more vice lipsticks, a new coat and new watch.


Sunday, December 11, 2016

Budgeting in December

Hey lovelies, how quickly has December come around? It's crazy. Since early July I've been on a spending ban in the hopes of saving some money and this is continuing into December! So here are some tips for saving money this month!

1) Look around

When looking for presents/wrapping/stocking gifts - make sure you look around many places will sell the product somewhere else for cheaper. For example B&M have the same wrapping that's in Clintons but it's so much cheaper at B&M. You might be able to find some real gems for a bargain price! Sometimes outlet stores have great bits too.

2) Be realistic

It's normal to want to spoil the people you love but if you can't afford to - you can't afford to. Know what your budget is and how much you can spend - just don't put yourself in a position where you spend too much and can't afford to live ( I know people who have done this and do this every year)

3) Plan and budget

Knowing what your budget is going to help, this helps you set a guideline for what you can spend - not just with gist but food and bills too. It's easy to add mince pies, wine and christmas cake and other bits to your shopping and spending other money. Also heating is a necessary in December! I'd suggest buying a notebook or if you have a financial planner use this and just split your money weekly/monthly so that you know exactly how much you have!

4) Leave your card at home

Now you must be thinking Kayleigh why would you even suggest this? Whether your shopping/celebrating/ at the staff party taking cash will be adequate, your card will mostly inspire impulse buys and with cash once it's gone it's gone.

So these are just a couple of tips! I'd love to know your tips for saving money this December.

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Thursday, December 08, 2016

Pick n Melt Christmas Box*

Hey lovelies, so today is a candle post! If you've followed my blog for a while then you would know how much I love candles/wax melts etc. Pick n Melt are a candle/wax brand that offer a ton of different products I personally received the Christmas Gift Set* (standard) which retails at £15.60.


Tuesday, December 06, 2016

20 Films To Watch Over Christmas

Hey lovelies, so now it's December and the most wonderful time of the year and I have some film suggestions to share with you if you're stuck with what to watch or just want something festive to watch. I love films and some of my favourite are included in this list!

1) The Grinch
2) The Holiday 
3) The Nightmare Before Christmas
4) Love Actually 
5) Elf
6) The Polar Express
7) Arthur Christmas
8) Home Alone
9) Muppet's Christmas Carol
10) Die Hard
11) Gremlins
12) Bad Santa
13) Mickey's Christmas Carol
14) Frozen
15) Deck the Halls
16) Edward Scissorhands
17) It's A Wonderful Life
18) Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas
19) A Christmas Carol
20) Scrooged 

Most of these are animated, romance or older movies as these are my personal favourite for christmas. I love all the Disney Christmas films I think they're so sweet ( not the biggest Frozen fan though) and I used to watch the Mickey mouse ones every year with my dad and mum as child. I'd love to know what your favourite Christmas film is, let me know in the comments!


Saturday, December 03, 2016

Lazy Dogs Footwear*

Hey lovelies, so recently I was sent the most luxurious pair of slippers that I've ever had in my entire life. They were sent to me by the lovely Lazy Dogz* and I've genuinely worn them everyday since they have arrived. They're the comfiest slippers I've ever own, hands down.

Thursday, December 01, 2016

8 Things I love about the festive season

Hey lovelies, so I thought this would be a cute little post to kick off December!

1) Christmas Coffees -  Whether it's Costa/ Starbucks/ Nero I love festive drinks. My current favourites are the Costa soya gingerbread latte and the Starbucks soya toffee nut latte, both with an extra shot of coffee just because.

2) Cold Weather - I much prefer winter to summer. I would much rather be cold and be able to warm up than to be sweating to death and struggling to cool down (unpopular opinion I know). I also love raining afternoons, wet leaves and snow.

3) Snow - I know it very rarely snows in December but I'm still dreaming of a white Christmas.

4) Family - I love seeing my family at Christmas time, it's so nice to go home and relax for a few days and see my grandparents. It's also one of the few times a year when I see all my family together.

5) Food - Although I'm a vegetarian I still love roasts and roast potatoes are my life. I also love christmas cake ( no raisins tho) and I literally drink my weight in spirits on christmas day! Plus is it even christmas day if don't eat your weight in ferreros?

6) It'll be Oscars first christmas - Even though he's a kitten, I've brought so many presents for him and lots of toys. I'm very excited and it's really special to me. I know this is very lame.

7) Scarves - I love feeling cosy and scarves are my all time favourite accessory. Is there anything better than an oversize coat, scarf and coffee in hand? I think not.

8) It's my birthday in December - As a child I was always someone who hated being born in December because every year I'd watch people forget my birthday or do joint gifts and basically treat it like it was part of Christmas. Now I really enjoy celebrating getting older!

Just a little post but I'd love to know what you love about the festive season to, let me know in the comments and happy first of December.


Saturday, November 26, 2016

Why I won't be doing Blogmas

Hey lovelies, with December starting in less than week I'd thought I'd let you know - I will no longer be doing Blogmas. This probably won't be a large post, just saying. I also won't be blogging from now to till December 1st because of visiting home and going to a mass of events in the next week. Which will be very weird as I haven't left my schedule in over three months.

The decision happened mid November, I had most of my posts ready but I still had scheduling and photography to do and then I realised that as much as I love Blogmas - I just don't have the time. I'm in my last year of university I need to be spending that time writing my dissertation and working on my research documents, studio practice and Decemeber is also the month that I'm required to work alot of hours at work.

I also really want to take some time for myself after I finish for the holidays on 15th of decmeber and relax. This has been a really stressful term and I'm not expecting the best grades, I just want some time to relax, read and eat all the food and hangout with my family.

As much as I'd like to I just can't warrant spending that amount of time on my blog especially when I have two assessments, two presentations and another 4,000 words of dissertation to write and thats without painting. I do have all the posts stored so I will try and use them next year and maybe I'll do blogtober when I've finished uni next year. But until that point my blog can't and won't be a priority over everything else, but I really will be looking forward to reading everyones blogmas posts.


Thursday, November 24, 2016

Meet Oscar; 6 months update

Hey lovelies, so I thought it was time to write another post about my little guy because he's six months now and he's grown so much and I've learnt so much more about him and his personality. Plus he's such a cute kitten! Also national black cat day was last month so why not share some black cat love even if it is late.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Beautify Makeup Storage*

 A few weeks back the lovely guys at Beautify* emailed me and offered to send me one of there makeup storage boxes and I was so excited as I personally haven't had anywhere to store my makeup before now except in an abundance of makeup bags.


Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sunday Summary #14 A-Z of me

Hey lovelies for this weeks post I'd thought I'd do this super cool tag because I know that many of you know very little about me. I totally stole this from Jessica from HeartshapedBones and Sarah from SeeTheStars. Happy Sunday and I hope you enjoy the post!


Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Perfect Pout

Hey lovelies, so a few weeks back I won a perfect pout in a giveaway on twitter from the lovely Lexi. I was so excited to try this product because I'm so self-conscious about my lips, I have a tiny scar underneath my lips which has slightly altered the shape of my under lip and my top lip is super tiny.

The package was nothing fancy, just a small box with the instructions on how to use the products, which is effectively balm your lips, pout, inhale for 15-30 seconds with the products around your lips and if once isn't enough continue this until you get the look that you desire.

The first time I used this product I had the worst experience, I followed all the instructions properly and ended up with really bruised lips that were sore and swollen for four days - I only used it once and for under 20 seconds. It really put me off picking up the product again because as much as I want better lips, having bruised lips made me more self-conscious about them then what I normally am. I also did a little google search and this isn't an uncommon reaction because of how it causes blood to rush to your lips and can happen even if you only use the product for a few seconds.

After debating whether to use the product again or bin it, I decided that it might be worth another shot. I used the same technique again and it worked just find. I found a slight improvement in the size of my lips which again made me super happy but for me the soreness and pain of it just wasn't worth personally.

I might look into more alternatives for lip plumping but for me I would use this product but it isn't something I'd rely on or wear everyday at all. I think this is a product everyone needs to try for themselves as result will vary and you might like it more than I do.


Thursday, November 17, 2016

MK Fashion Show AW 2016 + Giveaway

Hey lovelies, how are you all? I'm not sure if any of your remember but in the summer I went to the most amazing fashion show and I wrote about here on my blog. This time round the lovely PR people for the show have given me two tickets to give to you. The event is hosted at Wonderworld on Friday 25th November in Milton Keynes and will have a champagne and canopy reception, I'm not exaggerating when I say it is the most amazing reception I've ever to been to.  So if you fancy winning some tickets and going please enter the giveaway below

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

New Look Primer

Hey lovelies, so a last week I was on a little payday trip in town when I went into New Look and decided to treat myself to some bits. I have only ever brought a handful of New Look's lipsticks before and I've never really ventured into any of their other makeup.

When I saw they had some of the primers on sale, I thought why not!? I have only tried two other primers, one being from Urban Decay and the other a recent purchase from NYX. I was super excited because the packaging is so beautiful, I really love the simple black and dark grey design on the box. The bottle is just a plain little pump bottle and it such a good size!

I found that three pumps worth is enough to do my whole face, I've found with this product that a little really does a lot. I have very normal skin, and this applies like a gem - it does have a slightly off smell though I can't put my finger on it but when I applied it to my skin it smelt slightly chemically but not massively.

When I applied foundation I found that it sat really well, it didn't make my face feel heavy at all which is always good. I found that my makeup did last longer than what it normally does - I also made sure not to wear a setting spray and it lasted an extra 3-5 hours. I also found that it did make my pores less visible too.

One thing I'm not so sure about is that it is mean to be a mattifying primer, I didn't find that it did this. As a primer it worked great but did it matte, I really don't think it did. For me this isn't an issue but I'm not sure that this would be good for anyone with oily or combination skin or really how well it would apply. After checking the website and reading some reviews I've found that the product is being re-packaged and the mixture has changed a little bit so maybe this is why!

So if you have normal skin and you're looking for a primer that does the job then I would totally recommend this for you! Otherwise I would suggest the NYX primer as I know this works really well for so many different skin types. I'd love to know if you've used this product and what you think about it.


Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sunday Summary #13 Numbers

Hey lovelies, I feel like the weeks lately have been going so quickly and are flying by. I feel like this whole year has gone by so fast. This week I literally got ripped to shreds in a presentation at uni, to the point I almost thought of dropping out - I'm someone who can take criticism well but I really struggled with how I was picked apart. If any of you take a Fine Art/Art's degree you'll understand what I mean it's very different when someone picks apart your work to your writing, it feels very personal and a little heart breaking.


Saturday, November 12, 2016

Blossoming gifts*

Hey lovelies, so a few days ago I was lucky enough to get a really cool PR Email about receiving a bouquet from the amazing Blossoming Gifts*. I have never received flowers like this before in my life so it was super lovely and they are so gorgeous. I picked the Jazzberry Bouquet* because they're just so pretty and I love the roses.


Thursday, November 10, 2016

How to improve your twitter interaction

Hey lovelies, so this has been a post quite a few people have asked me for and the only reason I haven't made one before now is because I'm pretty sure that many of you might be disappointed with my points. Growing a following isn't easy and isn't something that's going to happen over night, and I just hope that no one gets disheartened if they try these and don't see an improvement straight away. But anyway here are some tips!


Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Seventeen All Out Pout*

Hey lovelies, so today is a little beauty post! I feel like I don't blog about beauty very much now days but I do want to change that in the new year. I got an email from Seventeen a few weeks back asking I wanted to try some more of their products, so of-course I said yes and they sent me these two really great pieces.


Sunday, November 06, 2016

Sunday Summary #12 Family and Fireworks

Hey lovelies, it's Sunday again, which means it's time for my weekly summary. This week I dyed my hair and I saw my family for the first time since September which was really nice and I was so happy, I made a ton of work at uni and I went to a firework display this weekend too.

Saturday, November 05, 2016

10 Blogs I'm Loving

Hey lovelies, it's been a while since I've shared some of my favourite blogs so I thought I'd share some that weren't included in my other post! Please check all of them out they are amazing and I'm sure you'll love them as much as I do.


Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Christmas with Debenhams*

Hey lovelies, so it's November and that means that next month it is Christmas (and also my birthday). It's always a hard job buying gifts for everyone and I always look for shops that have a large variety of things on sale, to try and make my shopping a little easier and for me Debenhams is always one of the shops I turn too for Christmas gifts. Debenhams have such a wide variety of gifts including beauty, fragrance, confectionary, alcohol, stocking fillers and much more which can be found *here! I personally love buying there at christmas time because of this because my family are some very fussy awkward people.

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

November Plans and Ideas

Hey lovelies, I honestly can't believe that it is already November!? I feel like I wrote my post for may two minutes ago. I am so happy with the progress that I made at uni and with my blog in October and I couldn't be looking forward to November more.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Sunday Summary #11 Halloween

Hello lovelies, I can't believe another week has flown by and it's almost November!? I swear it feels like I blinked and this week went by so quickly.

This week has been absolutely manic, I received my tickets for the HP Studio Tour. Which is super exciting because I'm going for my 21st Birthday in December. I received some blogger mail. I worked a lot because of Halloween Weekend, we had a big event on the Saturday at work and all the other events throughout the week were Halloween themed too.

I've had an amazing time at uni with dissertation writing and making studio work. I've finally stepped out of having artist block and been making work at uni. I've also managed to get a large amount of my bibliography done, as I'm trying to stay unto date with it so I don't have to do it all when I've finished writing because I'm really awful at remembering dates.

This week I've also came down with my first migraine of the year. I don't get them often very often but when I do I literally have to sit in the dark and just drink water because I become so sensitive to light and sound. Luckily it went away very quickly and by the next morning I was fine.

I also worked a Halloween event last night, where I work it is really big and I dressed up as the white nun from American Horror Story. I got a ton of compliments for my outfit which was amazing since this year I put so much effort into it. Working wasn't too bad, it was really busy and the music was really cool. There was also a best dressed competition but staff weren't allowed to be considered which sucked because some of the team definitely deserved to win. I was expecting some rude customers but everyone was really nice and that made the night so much nicer and smoother I also made a fair amount of tips which is always a perk!

I'm also going to make a boohoo order later today, going to buy all the halloween clothing thats on sale! I got paid this week so treating myself to all the best halloween clothing to add to my very goth wardrobe haha.

I'd love to know what you've done this week and what you dressed up as for halloween/or what you are going to dress up as if you're going out tomorrow!


Saturday, October 29, 2016

H&M, Misguided, and Everything5Pound Dressfo Haul

Hey lovelies, so over the past month I've brought a couple of bits and bobs from various shops and I thought I'd put them all together to give you a little haul.


Thursday, October 27, 2016

Last Minute Halloween Outfit Ideas

Hey lovelies, with halloween days away I thought I'd make a last minute halloween outfit ideas! These are mostly horror film outfits but I hope you like them anyway. Most are very easy to do and/or are very inexpensive.


Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Kiss & Impress Beauty*

Hey lovelies, so last month I was sent a really love package full to the brim with gifts from Kiss and Impress. I'm not going to lie I've probably worn fake lashes a handful of times in my life and as for fake nails I've only had them a handful of times! I'm such a newbie when it comes to see beauty products. I've always had jobs where nails where never convenient to have.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sunday Summary #10

Hey lovelies, I hope you've all had an amazing week! My week has been amazing and apart from some patches of bad mental health. I've got lots of really cool things to share with you.

I really want to start by thanking those who follow me, because this week I reached 3,500 followers on twitter which is CRAZY. I remember when my little blog was read my three people myself, boyfriend and flat mate and now I have a larger following it's just crazy thinking how many readers and followers have accumulated. I also reached 500 followers on Bloglovin which was a massive surprise since I only started using it again recently! I really love that Bloglovin tells you how many people have read your blog - it makes tracking where your readers come from so much easier and I love the save feature.

I also got my first 'big' blogger mail, not going to lie I thought it was fake at first! The brand that got in touch is one that's on the high-street and they were so lovely and it really meant the world to me that they thought of me. Unfortunately until the post goes up I'm allowed to say very little about it, which sucks because I literally called my boyfriend and flat mate and literally screamed down the phone when I told them! But moving on, I also got quite a bit of blogger mail through the door this week, I got some more lovely bits from Seventeen, some really cool halloween accessories and some new lipsticks. I've been thinking I might do a monthly/bi-weekly whats in my mail type haul? Where I share both blogger mail and bits I've brought for blogging? I'm not sure but I think I might.

With uni, I've not done very much I've had two days off because of having to hide my cat from our property company but I've been keeping steady with dissertation writing and research and I've almost planned ahead blog posts till the end of November! Which I guess is a perk. From now till the halloween I'm working a ton and I've got a lot of meetings at uni so blogging has to take a back seat till after that.

I'd love to know what you week has been like and whats happened to you! I'm also super excited for halloween so next weeks weekly summary will be halloween themed.


Thursday, October 20, 2016

Tips for blogging why at University

Hey lovelies, so for those who don't know I recently went back to uni and why I'm at uni I've decided to continue the same blogging schedule that I had over the summer. So I thought I'd share some of my tips with you!


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Shadow Switch Dry Brush Cleaner*

Hey lovelies, so I recently got a really cool piece of blogger mail which is this dry brush cleaner! I'm not someone who wears makeup everyday if I'm honest, I love lipstick everyday but I can't be bothered with anything else.When it comes to wearing eyeshadow, I don't clean my brushes as often as I probably should.


Sunday, October 16, 2016

Weekly Summary #9 Uni, Work, Life

Hey lovelies, so I didn't write a weekly summary last week because I really had very little to say, I worked 60 hours and was too sick to go to uni and ended up spending most of the week in bed! I have allergies to a ton of medicines and there's very few cough/flu/medicines I can use. I'm feeling so much better this week I still have a little cold but it's been so much more manageable.


Saturday, October 15, 2016

Lush Christmas Haul

Hey lovelies, so I recently brought a ton of new lush stuff! I was lucky enough to get to the Oxford Street store when I went to London and I had to buy some bits, I've since brought some bits from my local store and I'd thought I'd share what I got with you.


Thursday, October 13, 2016

October Wishlist

Hey lovelies, so it's time for another wish-list! I'm constantly looking for new things to buy and with halloween coming up, I would definitely suggest grabbing these bargains. These are all halloween-ish themed because it's October.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Mac Mehr review

Hey lovelies, so when I went to London a few weeks back I made a stop in the Mac store in Carnaby ( it's one of my favourite mac stores ever) and I just had to buy something! I often get mine from the airport when my family go on holiday because you save like £4 on a lipstick I believe which really makes a different if you're buying a lot!

At first I was looking for a new red, because I religiously wear mac red in autumn. I managed to drop mine and the lipstick literally ended up like crushed avocado. No jokes. I then decided that I probably have enough red in my collection to look for a different shade! I then started to browse the nude-ish pinks. Nude brown shades don't suit me because I'm ghostly white. I came across a few shades that I liked but nothing jumped out at me.

Mehr is already a shade I own, so when I saw it I didn't consider buying it. I swatched it and moved on but I came back after about ten minutes because for me Mehr is the perfect pink.  I did consider getting Whirl or Velvet Teddy but neither really suited me at all! Mehr is matte shade and  I would recommend getting the matching lip liner because otherwise it does come off really quickly. I have noticed with mac mattes they do this a lot, if you think so to let me know in the comments. 

The colour itself is a lightly toned nude-ish pink, it's very subtle but just enough to tell that you actually have lipstick on. I would compare it to seventeen Looking Buff in a way as it's just pinker. It's a perfect everyday shade and the matte finish works really well with the colour. I have a really pale complexion and I would say this looks a tad darker on me than when it's swatched, it has a similar shade to Lime Crimes Polly.

The packaging is gorgeous, it's the normal mac packaging I don't think I've ever commented on how lovely and sleek it is but I do love the lipstick packaging. The lipstick has mac's signature vanilla scent and applies really well for a matte lipstick. I have already mentioned that without a lip liner the shade can be pretty pants, it would only take one drink to remove most of it. But with a lipliner the durability is so much better ( I find this to be the case with a lot of lighter shades from mac). 

I ended up buying two of this lipstick, one for me and one which I gave away on my twitter account to celebrate reaching 3,000 twitter followers!? Which is crazy! I never thought I'd reach that amount ever. I'd love to know if you have any recommendations for mac shades as I'm always on the look out for new lipsticks to buy and try. Also I'd love to know what you think about mac lipsticks durability!


Saturday, October 08, 2016

The Seventeen Blogger Network*

Hey lovelies, so a little while back I joined and was accepted into the Seventeen Blogger Network, being a massive fan of there products I was happy to receive some lovely samples from them. I have used there makeup before and I regularly buy it so I really did enjoy getting sent some bits!


Thursday, October 06, 2016

Luxury beauty*

Hey lovelies, so it's been a long time since I've done a beauty post and I really want to tell you about these two lovely products I received through the post recently! Both are amazing and I really can't wait to show you these.


Tuesday, October 04, 2016

My October Goals and Plans

Hey lovelies, so the last month has flown by and I can't believe it is October now I started back at uni yesterday so I know things are going to change rapidly in my life. I'll have less time for blogging and I'll be doing a lot more dissertation research than I have been doing over the summer and I'll be back in my studio space.

My personal goals:

  • Eat better - Since my flatmates have moved back in I probably haven't eaten as well as I should have and I personally find that my mental health is worse when I don't eat as well, so this is something I need to change
  • Keep up the hard work at uni - Going to be working my arse off to get that first class honour. I can't wait to spend more time in my studio space and just get on with it.
  • Focus on my mental health - My mental health has gotten really bad in the last month and I just want back to a place where I feel like myself everyday.
  • Get my bedroom finished - I moved into my new house in June, it's October and I haven't finished unpacking. Me and my boyfriend have a bedroom each at our new house so we spend a lot of time in his room rather than mine, but I'd still like to finish unpacking and get my new homeware bits up and on display.

Blog goals:
  • Blog photography backgrounds - I have recently brought a few new backdrops to make my photos more versatile, and I can't wait to use them! Yes, I did get a marble one too.
  • Give my blog a clean up - Throughout October I'm going to be tidying up my blog, mainly my home page because I want it to look different and I want it to cleaner and have more social media links. In short I want everything to look more professional and cleaner.
  • Keep up a schedule - I've been working really hard on getting content sorted during September so that everything is ready to go in October! Here's to hoping.
  • Blogging events - Between now and Christmas I have a ton of events to go to and I'm hoping to be sociable at them! I am that person that gets stuck in with my camera and getting notes that I feel I lose a bit of the experience haha.

I was pretty awful with my goals last month, so here's hoping to a better month! I'm also trying to be more positive when things upset me and I want to see if it helps me. Let me know what your goals are I'd love to hear.