Monday, December 07, 2015

Skinny Dip London Phone Case Review

Hey guys! Did you do any cyber weekend shopping?? I did! It destroyed my bank balance, but yes, the first thing that I had to buy over this weekend was from Skinny Dip London, and this is because they had 80%, 50%, 30% , 20% off which was amazaballs! This was also my first purchase from skinny dip!

I only got two phone cases because the bag I wanted had actually sold out over the weekend. The first case I got was the Bat Shit Cray Case 6-6s, it has the cutest little bats all over which say " bat shit cray" I love this because its a more contemporary gothy case! It is also super cute. The only thing I don't like is that on the side, the case doesn't come very high up the sides, and I'm really clumsy! But it is made of really thick plastic that stuck to my phone like a glove! The colour hasn't scratched off after a week as well which shows how gorgeous the paint work is!

The second item I brought was this phone case! The name of it I can't remember, it has actually sold out now! But it was on sale throughout cyber weekend, which is probably why haha! This case is in a 5c because I brought it for my best friend as a cheer me up gift as she recently deferred from university for a year due to health issues. But, she absolutely loved it! The gold colouring is so stunning and it's quite a thick lovely case.

Anyway, I was really impressed with this haul. I can't wait to buy some more Skinny Dip items especially phone cases! And a mermaid bag, it's my birthday Sunday so I'm hoping to get some bits I asked for. Anyway let me know what your favourite purchases from Skinny dip have been!


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