Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Lush haul


Hey guys so its Christmas and I have got a MASSIVE Lush haul of goodies that I received for the festive season, This actually really excited me because I put on my Christmas list a 'few bits' haha!

Dragons Egg Bath Bomb

This is one of my favorite bath bombs it smells define and I believe that it has been part of the lush 
collection for almost forever haha! No explanation needed.

Honey Bee Bath Bomb

The  Bath bomb smells define and the colors it creates are so nice, and such a lovely change because I normally go for the pinker more princessy bath bombs!

Twilight Bath Bomb

This is one of the best bath bombs around it is to die for with the beautiful pinks and purples that it makes in the bath, it so relaxing and it feels so good to slip into! One of my favorites forever.

Ceridwen's Cauldron Luxury Bath Melt

I used this for the first time over Halloween it smells define and I absolutely love the witchy feel that it has. It also has a lovely smell which I cant explain and it doesn't overly color the bath which is so nice if you don't want a super girly princess bath but something just plain.

Mmmelting Marshmellow Moment

I absolutely love this bath melt it is very similar to the Candy Mountain if you ask me! It just smells a whole lot sweeter and makes a ton less bubbles! Which is why it was a must have on my list because although a bubbley bath can be great it's not always my cup of tea! Plus I absolutely love the super sweet scent haha.

Percup Massage Bar

This is a product from lush that I've never used before which is uncommon because of my love for lush! But it smells amazing and like coffee which is always a bonus haha! I used today on my back and it did wonders, Although I only briefly used it it helped so much and was so relaxing, which is why I asked for the bar in the first place! Back pain is a bitch,

Refresher Shower Jelly

I was so luck to receive two pots of this beauty. If anyone's ever tried it, the scent of lemon is sensational and it is so refreshing, it leaves my skin feeling so soft, It also bubbles a lot more on your body than the jelly! I would always recommend this.

Cup O'coffee Face and Body Mask

Coffee is actually one of my favorite things but I've never tried this before! It smells absolutely amazing though and I hope that it works well as I have very very sensitive skin. I also got two pots of this haha so I'm hoping that it works!

I decided to put all my lush stuff in one haul and everything else in a different haul post! But I hope you liked it and let me know what you got for Christmas!


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