Friday, December 04, 2015

Body Jewellery Shop Review

Hey guys! For once I've actually planned some posts out haha!. After having a super busy week with work and university deadlines I was over the moon to receive some beauties from The Body Jewellery Shop. I absolutely love all the piercing jewellery they have on their website including their ear-piercing jewellery and nose rings! The body Jewellery Shop is an online store that sells a large range of body piercings as well as fake piercing  which means thats its great for those who want to try out piercings!

The first piece I received from the Body Jewellery Shop was the Black Steel Clip On Ear Cuff which for £1.99 is a complete bargain! I've always considered getting my cartilage pierced and this gave me a great idea of what it would look like, I also really love the fact that it's black as it really stands out! However it did take a while for me to get it on as the gap is very small! But completely worth it.

( green and pink nose studs!)

Secondly I was sent the set of Curve Nose Studs I was so nervous to try this set out, partially because my current nose ring is 1.5 mm and the set is 1mm. The first thing I really loved about this set was the variety of colours! They come in blue, green, yellow, pink and purple and let me tell you the purple/ blue are the most shiny beautiful nose studs I have ever seen. They also have a longer more curvier back than my stud, which made them really hard to get into my nose, but once I got them in they fit so well. It was a little strange have a stud that had a flat top rather than a curved as that what I currently have but I believe this sits better on my nose haha! The set is a steal at £5.95 and for 5 studs? Is there really a question!?

So a massive thank you to Body Jewellery Shop for these stunners and guys please check them out!


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