Monday, December 14, 2015

Blogmas Prairie Charms Box!

Hey guys,

I had an amazing birthday yesterday! Thank you for all the wishes on social medias etc! I was also super happy when I got home from Uni late tonight to find that my Prairie Charm box/package had arrived.. Here's what I got....

The first two items I got where these super cute bows! I love how glittery and cute they are, they are perfect accessories to wear throughout the festive times. I am probably going to wear these on christmas and new years as they are quite formal and sparkley for me and I love them.

I also really loved this cute little holly pin! Its so cute and a little more festive than the bows, and its sooooo glittery

The next item I got was this little snowflake necklace, I absolutely love this, it's so precious and not too bulky! I love how it looks like a laser cut and it's just so festive haha. I also got the gingerbread necklace from the display picture in this blog. It's quite a thin little charm, I'm a little worried it might come off but again all of Prairies charms have the cutness factor!

Last but not least I got this hair band which was super adorable!
Sorry it's a short post but a massive shoutout to Prairie Charms for this winning box of festive goodies!


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