Sunday, November 08, 2015

October Favourites!

Hey guys,
I can't believe how quickly October went... Feels like just last week I was writing my September favourites! But after an amazing month, and really fabulous Halloween here are my October loves. I haven't brought as much as normal this month as I've had to plough all my money in to buying art equipment for University ( like £400 D: ) so lets get started haha!

The first and most important thing I can say I got this month was my first, was my new iPhone 6s, simply because the camera quality is to DIE FOR. It has the most amazing amount of memory ( I use through mine so quickly) and I opted for 50 GB of data so Instagram forever haha! I also brought a super cool indestructible case but really Im just happy about the camera quality! These phones can be brought from anywhere but mine is from EE.

My second favourite would have to be this new ring from Empty Casket, Sterling Silver Luna Ring, it's so witchy and light weight, it feels amazing, although the corners of the crescent can be a little sharp! But it's so cute and is worth the pain. Its one of the jewellery items I have selected to take to Venice with me.

This may be a little cliche, but I actually really loved buying little bits and bobs for my Halloween outfit this year. Some of these little bits include a super cute webbed fake nail set from primary ( which I got for 50p) two days before halloween, some fake blood and plastic vampire teeth ( from clintons) but available everywhere. I just love them because of the qwerky little detail they add to any outfit.

My last little favourites are the amazing prints I got from Jessica Gutteridge, I brought the little Beetlejuice print, and she sent me the craft print as a gift, they are just stunning so check her out!
Jess' Instagram

Sorry for a short post! But it's been a busy month! Let me know what you think x

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