Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Mac Lipstick Review | M.A.C Red \ Smoked Purple |

Hey guys!

In my recent venture to Venice, I managed to snap up some goodies at the airport, a six hour plus flight delay meant for a lot of shopping (haha) I spent a lot of time deciding what to buy and in the end went for M.A.C lipsticks ( it was between lipsticks and Prada Candy) Normally, I don't wear any makeup at all except the odd lipstick, so this was a venture for me haha!

The first shade that I got was Smoked Purple, the shade is quite a dark purple, its a deep plumish colour that has a very goth feel to it, and as I really like dark shades I had to have it. The first thing I learnt about the shade was that it looks a LOT darker on, as it is closer to a dark brownish purple on me. Which wasn't an issue but I find it very hard to apply my lips, it is quite dry and doesn't last as long as my other M.A.C shades and I found myself forever reapplying it when having a coffee etc.

It also made my lips really dry? I think this is because its not very glossy, I believe its a satin/matt finish but even so it was really rough. Although I love the shade to much not wear it!

The second shade I went for was M.A.C Red, it such a nice red, its not too deep but not too dark, and is such a vibrant red but I absolutely loved it. I have previously owned Russian Red which is a darker shade and Lady Danger which is quite a light shade and I would say that M.A.C Red was in the middle.

Unlike the Smoked Purple it has a really glossy application it is so smooth and really matt after application but it doesn't make my lips dry which is great! I also really love the colour.

Only a little review but let me know what you guys think! Plus any shades of MAC you like, I'm really tempted to get Diva or Party Line!


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  1. I have smoked purple and I'm so glad I bought it when I did. Both shades look amazing on you hun, I love how you can create two completely different looks using a lipstick xx

    Sophie Elizabeth